Since my last post, I have been traveling quite a bit.  I’m due in Salt Lake City by April 5th to catch a plane to Peru, so time to spend in New Mexico was somewhat limited.  Each day I traveled, I felt excitement being out on the open road.  The timing of each move felt just right, even though I wasn’t able to keep my original intended schedule due to Mother Nature.  I’m still learning to go with the flow and adjust travel timing as the impulses guide. Here’s the summary of the whirlwind tour of New Mexico.

  • A week in Deming, NM – small town in Chihuahuan Desert with dust storms rivaling Burning Man!  I was waiting out a winter storm further north in New Mexico…
  • A day in Silver City, NM – My first stop was the Yankee Creek Coffee House in the historical downtown area.  I received a history of the flooding of the downtown area through photos and narration by the coffee house proprietor, Marianne.  She and her husband retired to Silver City after the high prices of California ousted them for their golden years.  She makes her own delicious Mexican Mocha spice blend which I got to try in both a mocha and homemade dark chocolate ice cream.  Marianne was a Psychotherapist specializing in addiction.   We had a good chat about that as I enjoyed the chocolate treat (my addiction).  I consider this to be synchronicity.   I’ve been meeting a lot of people in the healing arts.  Josie and I headed for the forest after a brief stroll and driving tour of downtown.  

Downtown Silver City from the dash...

Arrastra - our first stop back in a forest. The monument was in honor of the mining history of the area. I just loved sitting among the Ponderosa Pines!

Silver City is on the edge of a beautiful Ponderosa Pine forest that leads to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  However, I did not have time to get to the Cliff Dwellings that day.  It does have some interesting old west history.

Pinos Altos, NM, Established 1803

  • 4 days in Santa Fe/Taos/Albuquerque areas, parking at the Sandia Casino, a new casino at the foot of the Sandia mountains, north of Albuquerque on the way to Santa Fe.  On the agenda was a visit to the Hypnotherapy Academy in Santa Fe.  Yes, I am considering attending the school to become a licensed hypnotherapist.  A very interesting synchronicity occurred upon my arrival at the casino on Friday afternoon.  I had talked to Jack in Admissions a couple of months before to get information on the school.  Well, Jack called this Friday afternoon to discuss the upcoming deadlines of tuition discounts.  Once I told him I was in the area and considering a visit, we setup an appointment for Monday.  Is it a sign??

Over the weekend, I visited Taos and Santa Fe.   I found Taos to be a historic mountain town with a charming downtown.  The backdrop of the snow-covered mountains and trees added to the appeal.

Alleyway in Taos draining off the snow melt.

Banjo player, downtown Taos

Indian dancers at Taos Downtown Square

View towards Taos from top of Rio Grande Gorge pass.

I really like the historic downtown of Santa Fe as well.  After asking for a good coffee shop, I was referred to the Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee Shop.  Best part of it – dogs are welcomed!  I found Josie is quite the stud magnet!  The self-proclaimed stud said so after he stopped to scratch her head.  The barista said he liked Josie much more than the two Chihuahuas in line behind me.  Too bad the little yappers’ Grandma heard him!  She didn’t appreciate his comment.  I chatted with the owner of the shop, Scooter (a she), who was also very complimentary of Josie.  I highly recommend this bookstore!

Stud magnet, Josie, in front of the Collected Works Bookstore, downtown Santa Fe

Monday I met with Jack at the Hypnotherapy Academy for well over an hour and left feeling pretty good about it.  I’m thinking this fall may workout…perhaps.  One thing I’ve learned is that planning this far in advance is not practical when I’ve opened my life to the cosmic vortex of possibility and choice!  Life is constantly subject to change and everything is pending cosmic approval!

Next stop was Durango visiting my very good friends from Soulcraft for about 4 days before driving on to Moab…  My visit in Durango will be the next post soon to come.