Dear Great Mystery,

What’s love got to do with it?

Dry Creek sandbar, Sedona, AZ.

Sitting under an ancient and partially living Arizona Cyprus tree with massive twisting branches reaching out, some clawing into the sand as if still trying to hold on to life, I ask, “Great Mystery, what is love?  Is it complete acceptance?”

Grand Theater

Suddenly, I’m in a spin-cycle like a front-loading washing machine tumbling head over heels to the “Grand Theater”.  I’ve never been here, but I know instantly it is called the Grand Theater.  I’m hovering over the theater seats, although I’m not sure if there are actually seats, because it is very dark in the theater.  The giant stage is partially filled and is lit by bright white straight streams of parallel light that are nearly vertical, but are angled a bit from the lower left to the upper right of the stage opening.  The light does not span the entire stage, but fills about 1/3 of the width of the stage.  The light streams have gaps, so it’s light beam, then a segment of dark, etc.  All of the segments of gaps appear to be different lengths.  I hear:

Central database, central code.

“Lines“ of light and gaps.

Dashes and gaps.

Consciousness riding cables of light, worm-holing to realities.

Central database, central code – okay, we are back to the idea that reality is a simulation, so the information is being presented in this context.  The dashes and gaps are what I’ve been reading about genetic sequencing (yes, I am digging deep into the nature of reality).

But I ask, “What does love have to do with this?”  It is a confusing scene.


The central code is the symbolic Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. 

You’ve been given that code and it is called discernment.

So our central code or program is built around discernment.  But discernment is choice, not a feeling.  Love is a feeling, so what is love?


Complete acceptance, unconditional acceptance with a smile in your heart. Expensive flow, all encompassing. Joy. 

Tree of Life is about love.

Unconditional acceptance. Breathing in and out. Circular flow. Know unconditional love and you are truly free.

The last line kind of sounds like the biblical reference of “becoming as Gods” if Adam and Eve had eaten from the Tree of Life.  If we all experienced this full, loving, free expression of ourselves, fear and the hierarchical system upon which many institutions are built would no longer exist.

Perhaps the desire to help us experience collective unconditional love is the over-arching goal of life?

The Torus

The experience of Life is a torus.  The Grand Theater is a view of the center flow of the torus.  Infinite, interconnected threads of light, individual pathways of perception flowing around and through the toroidal flow.

Hmmm…a tree is kind of toroidal in shape…interesting.  The central database or center flow doesn’t appear distorted or chaotic.  Although it’s slightly angled, the strands of light are parallel to each other and completely linear, like the straight trunk of a tree.

What about the distorted fear-based perceptions happening in the world?

The distortions occur in the individual paths of perception. 

Paths tangle, hit on each other, conflict.  Central processing keeps running. 

Love is the way to calm distortions.  Tree of Life is the code.


Okay, so the Tree of Life is the code of love which calms distortions, corrects conflicts, and sets us free.  Sounds pretty amazing!

How do we get the code?  In day-to-day life, how?  Given the current state of culture, how?  How do we eat from the Tree of Life?

Next time…