Prior to my last post (Dear GM, Do Trees Open Wormholes?), this happened.

On a crisp, blue-sky morning I was hiking into the quiet desert forest near Sedona, AZ.  Banana Yucca plants were grabbing at my pant legs as I trekked up the rocky trail gawking at the oddly intense-green creosote bushes.  A massive crucifixion thorn tree caught my attention, so I stopped.  I’ve been following the “path of crumbs” guiding me to the mythology and symbology of the Tree of Life.  I decided to ask the crucifixion thorn some of the big questions with which I’d been wrestling.  

After connecting to the tree, I asked, “What is the true intent of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life in the story of the Garden of Eden, and what is the meaning of the serpent?”

I literally wanted to get the answers from the “horse’s mouth”.  The answers came so quickly I had a hard time believing what I was shown. 

Tree of Knowledge:  

I see a tunnel of light and a home or house gets sucked in by it, looking like it’s traveling very quickly.  Immediately the house is out of sight.  Looking over the edge of the tunnel, it looks like the light is speeding through the tunnel.  I feel an urge to jump in.  It scares me because I’ve never done this, but I take the plunge.

Instead of being whipped up to light speed, I’m immediately motionless while suspended in the traveling light.  Is this what it looks like in a fiber optic cable?  I can see the tunnel winds on, but I’m completely still. 

This thought comes in, “It’s like getting plugged-in to seeing contrast.”  So many varying shades of light, from the brightest white down to grays and black, are perceived in this tunnel.  

Eating from the Tree of Knowledge is getting plugged-in to the perception of the varying shades of light in the tunnel.  It is being able to see the contrast and sensing preference based on what feels good and what feels less preferable in the contrasts.  

The word discernment comes in.  

My mind shifts to the Tree of Life. 

Tree of Life:  

Another Vortex tunnel appears.  This one is red with red fluid flowing on the outer walls of the tunnel or vortex. I jump in and it’s like a slippery slide with red light and the red fluid is only along the edges.  It’s a smooth ride in a winding tunnel.  

Then I see light appearing and suddenly I am on white sand.  I can feel the coolness of the sand in my hands and under my butt as I’m sitting on it.  A bright and deep blue sky contrasts against the green plants, including palm trees and shorter shrubs or trees I cannot name, in the white sand.  It feels very peaceful.

Then suddenly I get pulled by a tunnel of light to see the scene from a different perspective.  This time I’m over the dark ocean looking back at the white sand island.  Now I’m seeing the edges of this scene growing through what appears to be 3D pixels.  Like puzzle pieces being added to all of the outer edges, the scene slowly grows one ~3-ft cubic pixel at a time.  The pixels appear at different places near an edge of the scene, and they float closer, locking into their designated place. 

The word perception hits my screen.  

Eating from the Tree of Life is having the knowledge that perception is what builds reality. 

What about immortality and how does it relate to perception?  

It’s simply the perception that builds reality.  The creation of perception never dies.  Whatever is creating perception never dies.

I think this is way too simple of an answer.

The Serpent:  

I see the serpent coiling around a vertical stake, and it is climbing the stake.  I hear, “Definitely DNA”.  

Then I see a portion of a stairway or part of the helix of DNA lighting up.  Then I see a portion of DNA lighting up simultaneously in every cell in the body as the DNA is activated.  It’s like an illustration of non-locality.

The word unwinding comes in; it’s an unwinding.  

Activation is a process of unwinding.  Or activation and unwinding work together as the DNA is unwound, is activated, and becomes powerful, climbing around a center support.

As I hear this, I see the coiled up DNA in the nucleus of a cell uncoiling.  Different areas of the uncoiled helix light up, and it happens in every cell simultaneously.

Frankly, I found this illustration and explanation a bit confusing!  It reminds me of what I’ve heard about kundalini rising, but illustrated through genetics.

At this point, I’d had enough.  


According to what I was shown:

  • Eating from the Tree of Knowledge adds up to gaining discernment between what is preferable and what is less preferable, or discerning contrasts.  
  • Eating from the Tree of Life is gaining the knowledge that perception is what builds reality, and the creation of perception never dies.
  • The serpent has to do with the powering up of DNA.

I’m not asking you to believe any of this.  I am reporting the truth of my experience, but I’m not claiming the answers are fact.  

From my last post, trees may be opening a conduit of consciousness.  Through this conduit, communication between my consciousness and the “consciousness that Is”, or fragments of the Source Code or the Source Code itself occurs.  It’s all part of the Great Mystery of Life!

My inquiry into the mythology and symbology of the Tree of Life continues.  I continue to get interesting answers!

Next time I ask, “What does love have to do with it?