What is Reality?

From the time we are conceived, we start shaping our realities.  Once we are born, the training, domestication, conditioning, programming, whatever word you want to use, really begins in earnest.  We start to learn words.  Words are merely symbols for things, and the degree of emotion attached to the symbol varies.  With these word symbols, their meanings, and the attached emotional charge, we begin forming our individual virtual realities.

Within each of our virtual realities, we see life through our own filters, or virtual reality lenses.  If it were possible to see through someone else’s virtual reality lenses, we would see that people we know look a little bit different through each set of lenses.  Everyone has that in common – seeing/experiencing/evaluating life through their own virtual reality lenses.

A feedback loop is created through these lenses.  We hear a message, see the body language of the messenger, and evaluate the meaning all through our lenses.  Because we are observing through our lenses, the focus of which is based on our experiences, we are only observing others as a reflection of some aspect of ourselves.  In other words, people, nature, and society in general, are only reflecting back an aspect of ourselves because our entire reality is created from our experiences and what we decide they mean about us or life in general.  We can only see in others what we already have in ourselves.  This is a tough concept to grasp and a difficult one for me to explain.

I wrote about the Law of Correspondence in the past.  Simply put:  “As within, so without”.  Our external world is a reflection of our internal world.  Our internal world is driven by our subconscious mind.  Transform negative limiting beliefs to positive supporting beliefs; shift our perception of the past; reprogram our mind; and our internal world improves.  The improvement is then reflected in our external world.

So what’s my point?  When there’s something in your life that you want to change/transform/let go of, start by observing yourself.  Observe your thoughts and behaviors, your reactions to people around you, your reactions to society at large, and your reactions to nature.  Begin focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want.  The responsibility and accountability for your reality lie within you.  Only you have the power to change your virtual reality because you created it in the first place.  By observing yourself, you can start to see clearly how you have created and perpetuate your reality.


Our thoughts become things.

What our minds can conceive and we believe, our bodies will achieve.

Consciousness precedes form.

Blaming others is futile because you are drinking the poison and perpetuating the situation.

Becoming aware of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors is the first step to personal empowerment and positive change.  If you don’t desire change and are completely satisfied with where you are, fill yourself with gratitude and smoke a cigar!  I am on the path of getting to know myself, and constantly trying to improve.  For me, life gets better and better as I continue in the mode of improvement.  What I have shared is what I have learned.  Each day I learn more and sometimes it feels like reality bites.  However, I also believe that persevering and having faith heals the bites and jettisons one forward to greater happiness and peace.

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