Many months have passed since my last post.  Many things have happened.  Many changes have occurred.  However, I want to focus on the present, so that’s what this post is about.

First, reviewing the logistics – I am settled in a one-bedroom apartment within a late 1800’s mansion in historic uptown Butte, Montana.  Twelve-foot ceilings, embellished plaster walls, many architectural accents, and a stain-glass window add to the character of this place.

My hypnotherapy practice is based out of a three-room office about a mile away, in another old building that has been refurbished.  In Butte, the old is being reinvented and it really appeals to me (go figure!).  Many projects of this nature have been completed and many more are underway – The Quarry Brewing Company, Headframe Spirits, Front Street Station, and Casagranda’s Steakhouse are a few of the businesses that have capitalized on old worn-out buildings and made them into full and fun experiences.

Now for what’s happening in my life – “settling down” to one place has been quite an experience for me.  At times, I have felt the tug to hit the road again.  I realize the tug is the desire to escape my fears about the unknown future I am projecting from the present.  I definitely went through the escape mindset, thinking the “grass must be greener” elsewhere before really deciding to leave my job.  By the time I actually did leave my old life, it was a much different feeling, one of knowing I had to do it or I’d live with regrets the rest of my life.  Maybe I have gained enough wisdom now to at least try to discern whether fear is driving my impulses.  When it is fear driving the impulse, I tend not to follow it.  Rather, I give it a bit of time and let the fear subside through techniques I have learned.  Then I work with the part of me that has those fears and remind her that everything is going to be okay and why that is so.  Finally, I feel into what my gut is telling me.  My gut, or intuition, never leads me astray.

In former posts, I reported how I felt led back to Butte by many signs and the gut feeling.  I assumed it was for my work.  Well, another surprise has occurred and a few people close to me have reflected that this is probably the real reason I was led back!  I found my way back to a very special person, a person I dated 28 years ago.  As we say it, we found our way back to each other.  Let me tell you, I did not expect this!  Looking back at the experiences that have brought me to this moment, it is now clear how it all happened for a reason.  I am now with the person I was always meant to be with, but we each had to go through our separate experiences to be together now in such a conscious, higher way.  There are some things about my life that I hold a little closer to the vest per se, so I’m not going to report in detail on my love relationship!  I will say that I am extremely happy, content, and in awe how life can turn out when I follow my instincts and work through my fears, rather than letting my fears work through me.

Typical weather for Memorial Day weekend in SW Montana!

Typical weather for Memorial Day weekend in SW Montana!

I commit to write on a regular basis again.  This post was to bring things up to date.  Future posts will be about the continuing unfolding of this journey of completely recreating my life my way.  Some think this pause in the road trip means the journey is over, and that couldn’t be further from the truth!  I now live in a stationary structure, use my motorhome as my summer office (although today it doesn’t feel much like summer), and have a fully operating hypnotherapy practice.  My present situation is setting the foundation for a grander vision – one of nature-based retreats, seminars, books, meeting people from the region and the globe, continuing to learn what it means to live authentically, getting paid for simply being me, fully adopting prosperity consciousness, clarifying the vision with a loving partner, living in a healthy relationship, and allowing life to flow through me rather than me “efforting” my way through life.  I’m still learning every day the ups and downs of stepping into the unknown, and there is much to share.  I hope you stick with me, and share from your own learning experiences.