A deeper look into the Tip from the Trees…

First, We Made Our Dreams Come True

In egoic paradigms, we were taught that if we worked hard, we could make our dreams come true.  Thankfully with the dawning of the Quantum Age, we have learned more enlightened ways for dreams to come true.  However, making the transition isn’t always easy when we’re wired for the old paradigms.

Before we jump straight to the simple steps to shift to allowing your dreams to come true, consider some questions about your dream.

What is the root of our dreams?

Being clear on the source of our dreams is important because of the underlying patterns that may exist at its source.  So many dreams can be born of ego.  Ego doesn’t automatically make the dream bad or wrong.  However, checking to see if it aligns with your Heart and Soul is very important to make the shift to allowing.

Ego is born of conditioning and is not your true Self or Soul.  Therefore, ego-derived dreams often are far from aligning with the desire of Soul.  We’re simply looking for some awareness about which part of you is being served by your current dream.  Consider the following questions:

  • Would the dream make your parents/family/community proud?
  • Do you see yourself in the limelight or famous if the dream comes true?
  • Would it prove your worth if the dream came true?
  • Would you fit in better if the dream came true?

If you are answering yes to the questions above, it is an indication your ego is at the root of the dream.  Again, we’re simply looking for awareness in the source of the dream.

How does the dream Feel?

A dream in alignment with Heart and Soul is a dream based in feelings that are true to our Heart & Soul.

Let’s say your dream is a new car.  You can imagine yourself driving it to a place you want to go.  It’s fast, fun, pretty, with all of the bells and whistles.  Think about how you feel as you imagine driving it – powerful, cool, rich, secure, free, etc.  Through conditioning, we believe that the new car will give us our desired feelings even if we don’t consciously realize it.

Think about your dream again.  What feelings do you think the dream will give you?  In other words, what are your desired feelings?  Happy, secure, peaceful, etc.?

What is the dream really about?

As we take a deeper and honest look at our dreams, all dreams have desired feeling(s) at their root.  We need to admit to ourselves that feelings are what we truly desire.  Our dream simply happens to be a representation of the desired feelings based on what we know.

The other thing we need to admit to ourselves is that we know so little!  Our knowing comes from life experiences and conditioning.  When we compare what we think we know to that of the infinite potential of the Universe, our knowing isn’t even measurable it’s so small!

Next, We Allow Our Dreams to Come True

Heart & Soul are so much more powerful than ego.  Heart & Soul are connected to the infinite potential of the Universe.  They are the supercomputer of your Being and the ego is like the screensaver or wallpaper displayed on your screen.  Our Heart & Soul are the powerhouses for dream manifestation.

Step One

When we focus on our desired feelings rather than the specific chosen dream, we have taken the first step to shift from making our dream come true to allowing it.

Step two

Next, we must let go of attachment to a certain outcome.  This means we mustn’t get attached to our version of the dream.  We must simply feel our desired feelings.

By feeling our desired feelings, we allow the infinite potential of the Universe to do its magic through the feeling communication of your Heart & Soul.  The magical Universe will manifest a dream beyond your imagination.

Heart & Soul communication is in alignment with your true Self and Soul.  Therefore, the physical manifestation of your dream will be in alignment with your true Self, Heart & Soul.

How do we feel the desired feelings?  We find areas in our life where we already have or know the desired feelings and we spend time there.


Ego will cause you to attach to the dream and how it looks in life.  In turn, you will feel compelled to make your dream come true.

Heart & Soul will harness the infinite potential of the Universe to manifest your dream based in your desired feelings.  Simply letting go of expectations and being in your desired feelings is the way to allowing your dreams to come true.

The physical manifestation of the dream may be well beyond your imagination and so much better than you could do by making it come true.   The best part is – the manifested dream is in alignment with the true you – your Heart & Soul – your authentic Self.  What could be better than that?