As I continue to re-create my life my way, I am learning to allow myself to be guided.  I don’t have a crystal clear picture of what I want my life to look like.  New threads are appearing, and as long as I keep my head up and practice awareness, I see the threads guiding me to the next new experience.  Each experience gives me clarity on my truth.

This spring, I have spent nearly every morning out in nature.  I am so grateful for living in southwest Montana where we are surrounded by wild, natural beauty.  The opportunity of this time in nature has guided me into really observing nature and using my camera as a tool.  I have found that I genuinely enjoy photography and videography.  Therefore, I am sharing this leg of the journey as I have been sharing since the journey began 5 years ago.  This is a new art for me, so please bear with me as I learn!

The owls have continued to be a source of learning in many ways.  I created the video as a tribute to this amazing owl family.  If you are a member of the bird tribe, you may relate.   As a side note – a great book by Ken Carey – Return of the Bird Tribes – is a really good read.  It gave me a different perception on birds, even though it’s really not literally about birds.  Here’s a link to the website and you can buy it on Amazon.

Thank you owl family!  I hope I get to spend many more hours with you!