I am recording this story as a reminder to myself.  In my darkest moments I can see again there is always a reason for what happens on the journey. 

The reason: release resistance and realize greater potential. 

The means is through the expansion of perspective which builds more trust and faith and subsequently increases allowance.

Coincidences do not exist. 

The perfect nature of the Divine creation in which we dwell was created by a loving, creative intelligence far beyond what can be imagined.  The system is constantly creating and re-creating, and we are all co-creators.

The above is all nice and good, but I wrote it before writing the story.  Part of it is bullshit.  If I’m going to be myself with reckless abandon, I’m going to be honest.

I’m also writing this story to get it off my chest.  It has completely sucked being nearly alone in the experience I’m about to share.  Writing it was cathartic.  Sharing it is a trust thing – it is my path of least resistance.  In quantum-speak, the path of least resistance is the optimal path.

I trust I was meant to have the experience.  It’s where the being-myself-with-reckless-abandon comes in.  I couldn’t get there without a bitch-slap from the cosmos.  Bitch-slap received loud and clear.

If you’re really going to read this story, good luck.  Really.  The experience itself sucked for me and reading about it may suck for you.

For context, if you value the truth even if the truth is ugly, then you may want to read.  If you prefer keeping your head in the sand and innocently going about your life, then you may not care for this story.  It is your free will to read or delete.  Trust the wise voice in your head.

I am in a much better place than I was before all of this happened, so in the end, it did have its purpose.  If you read, I hope you will benefit.


Embarking on the Journey

The journey of leaving my career and moving into my RV began with a strong intention:

  • Start over and create My life My way.
  • Now I know I’m creating my reality, so this time create the reality true to me. What does that look like?
  • Release convention and re-create. Seek truth.
  • Overcome fears and be truly free.

Seven years into exploring the unknown, and my perception of reality has changed many times.

Truth-Seekers Beware.

Problem:  the truth-seeking mission has an implied expectation to make discoveries within the current thought paradigm.  This expectation is false.

Truth can be exciting.  Truth can be upsetting.  Whole paradigms can be disintegrated.  One may be so humbled by the dreadful nature of discovery that new truths are angrily rejected.

Disclaimer for the Explorer embarking on the truth-seeking mission, aka, the Hero’s Journey:

  • Some challenges you encounter may rock your world.
  • You may have to summon all of your courage to move forward.
  • You as the Explorer are collecting wisdom not only for yourself, but for the collective.
  • You must practice wisdom in holding both the gold and the lead you discover along the way.
  • You may be transformed in ways you cannot imagine.
  • Part of you may die.

But this is the point of a Hero’s Journey:

Leave to seek your truth. Transform.  Return as a greater, more whole version of yourself.

Heed the warning, Explorer.

Set out on this Hero’s Journey, and you may find truths beyond your wildest expectations.

The Hero’s Journey

In the Hero myth per Jungian psychology, the Hero is the one that can confront chaos and triumph.  The Hero goes on a journey and must conquer the worst thing that can be imagined.  In so doing, the sacred feminine is awakened and a positive relationship between the masculine and feminine can be created.  Jung saw this as the foundational human myth and the process of individuation.

Freud differed in that he saw the human myth rooted in the failed Hero myth.  Simply put, the child can never escape the family.  Boundaries are improperly placed in the upbringing of the child, and he/she is consumed by family drama.  Through psychoanalysis, the child/adult can be freed and become their own individual.

The Jungian archetypal Hero’s Journey has been my focus through my inquiries into the Tree of Life.  I’ve discovered I’m in the final stages of this journey – confronting chaos caused by the worst thing I can imagine – in the process of my return.  I know this journey will continue to unfold forever.

I may be returning, but it is only a closing of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Chapter One:  The Worst Thing I Can Imagine.

I once thought my worst fear was running out of money.  Then I’d lose the freedom of Being Me by having to get a Soul-sucking job in a nonsensical system just to make a buck.  Was I ever wrong.

I actually set the intention on this journey of truth to overcome all of my fears so that I could truly be free.  Be careful what you ask for…

The Tree of Life & the CIA

Investigations into my experiences with trees has led me to explore the symbology of the Tree of Life.

Imagine my surprise when the inquiries into the Tree of Life landed me on the CIA’s website!  Being the curious detective, I obligingly followed a link to the recently declassified document referenced in a YouTube video I found, and downloaded the pdf file.

The title page:  “The Adam and Eve Story” by Chan Thomas.  My first encounter with a declassified CIA file, I found the top of the pages stamped with “Declassified in Part – Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/24”.

Handwritten on the top of the title page:  “For Art L.  From:      ” (the name was redacted).  The file was created on December 27, 2016.  Intriguing to say the least…as if I was in my own spy novel.  Also note it was created right before the change in the country’s administration.

Within the file was not only a short book, but also photocopies of a few pages of Time Magazine from March 11, 1966, a Transmittal Slip with a hand-written list of items with a corresponding dollar amount (like an expense report), and finally, a list of books for “further reading”.

I skimmed over the photocopies, but launched into reading the book itself starting with the first chapter, The Next Cataclysm.  Little did I know that reading this declassified book would be the opening of Pandora’s Box.

The story presented in the chapters of the book is not a pretty one.  It describes a cycle of complete cataclysm that repeats with the last being 6,500 years ago.  The cataclysm happens coincident with the earth’s magnetic pole reversals according to Chan’s findings. I noticed his description of the next cataclysm seems to have been illustrated in the Hollywood movie 2012.

Based on his research and findings, he rewrote Genesis I, II, III.  He interpreted the Tree of Life to be the mother continent, and that was read from the Naga glyphs.  The serpent, meaning water, wound around the Tree of Life represented the mother continent surrounded by water.  It seemed like a minor detail to me given the overall picture of awfulness he painted.

The initial impact on me was pretty severe.  I had to keep digging to try to find hope because I was in shock and needed a life raft.  The original YouTube video that presented a portion of “The Adam and Eve Story” also provided a reference to the DieHold Foundation, Inc.  I followed the clue.

Specifically, I was led to the Diehold Foundation YouTube channel and its series on the “Causes of the Ice Ages and Polar Reversals and Mass Extinctions.”  Douglas Vogt is the presenter in the series of videos and the author of several books.

I devoured the series, and the sinking feeling got worse.

The high-level explanation of what this series presents in concert with the CIA document is a story of the Sun sneezing or barfing (my terms for solar flares or micro novas), Earth’s magnetic poles reversing, the two being connected, and basically the end of life as we know it.

According to Vogt’s research, it happens within a 24-hour period.  The earth stops its rotation, then starts up again spinning in the opposite direction.

Oh and the other clincher – they think it’s a sooner than later event.  Vogt claims to have deciphered the date from the Torah to be fall of 2046 and Ben Davidson of Space Weather News, LLC, reports estimations are within the next 20 or so years.

Continuing my investigations, through Davidson’s websites (all referenced at the end of this article) I discovered our magnetic poles have begun an accelerated shift over the recent past.  Magnetic north is heading for Siberia, and magnetic south has left Antarctica.  It is estimated they are heading towards each other.  NASA has been reporting on this along with the accelerated weakening of earth’s magnetic field.

From studying Davidson’s work, he seems to be more concerned with an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).  I realized I have heard about the EMP concern in the news in the recent past.  The concern with an EMP is it would take out the entire global electrical grid and everything electronic.  In a nutshell, that is very bad.  It is estimated it would take at least a decade to get things back online.  A CME could be worse because it means the sun is spitting particles at as at light speed.  According to Davidson, we are more vulnerable now than in the past because of the weakening magnet field.

To sum it up, NASA and others have been reporting on concerns about the sun for some time now.  However, it doesn’t make for sellable news because of the obvious bad-news nature of it, but also, it’s not easy to interpret the science if it’s not in your wheelhouse.  I understand a fraction of the technical side of the stuff I’ve seen.  So, there are reasons you don’t hear about it on the 5 o’clock news.  Even if they aren’t great reasons.

Explanations of why the government has hidden the cataclysmic scenarios from us are also included in Vogt’s presentations.  Frankly, I can kind of see why in the beginning they chose to keep it secret.  But the fact is, there is a growing movement of people looking at this with the intent of preparedness and survival.

Vogt and others I’ve found also tell stories of how the government has been preparing for decades (NASA, SOHO: “One thousand million euros” to build this solar observatory to watch the sun, etc.).  Yes, there’s much more detail involved.  Check it out if you feel compelled.  The links are below.

Impacts of the Worst Thing I Can Imagine

I felt such an overwhelming sadness after absorbing all of this material.  I couldn’t understand why the creator of our Universe and everything in it would see fit to destroy its creations on a cyclical basis.  I walked in nature looking at the stunning perfection, the natural beauty, the birds happily singing, bunnies playing.  I cried my eyes out at the thought this could all be gone.

I tried and tried to rationalize this.  I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone about it.  This knowledge had polluted me.  I didn’t want to pollute someone else.  Finally, I reached out to my coaching friend, Tara.

God bless her.  She and I have been on parallel paths for a while.  We started exchanging coaching sessions with each other a long time ago.  I gave her ample warning that I was stuck and what had me stuck was not pretty.  I was concerned about spilling the beans.  She turned to her pendulum for guidance, and was reassured that we were meant to have this conversation.  And as I said, God bless her because I was able to finally talk about the entire thing.

Through her compassionate skills, I was able to see beyond my stuckness.  I was able to gain perspective.  This is the crux of the story.  I set the intention of overcoming my fears so I could truly be free.  In my limited thinking, I thought this meant overcoming financial fears.

Little did I imagine that complete destruction was a fear I could be facing.  Little did I realize it is a fear that can be overcome.

Surrendering to the Worst Thing I Can Imagine

I rationalized that there has to be a reason I was shown this cataclysmic information.  Yes, my intention to overcome my deepest fears drove it.  But there was an urging from deep within to set this intention, so I believe it is an important waypoint in my path.

I have been hearing and reading a lot about “ascension”.  Several ancient wisdom traditions prophesize a movement or evolution to a higher level of being or of consciousness.  Ascension seems to be an accepted term for this.  David Wilcock in his series Wisdom Teachings on Gaia TV reports that 32 wisdom traditions mention the sun having something to do with it.

The circles I had been tuning into painted a nice picture of ascension as entering into a higher level of consciousness.  With the current state of global politics, I thought it sounded pretty nice.  I had never seen this story of physical cataclysm be overlain with ascension before, especially not in the near term.

With Tara’s help and a lot of contemplation, gold emerged from this dark experience.  I received the life raft I needed:

  • If there is any way to alter this cycle, the answer lies in our consciousness. The next breadcrumb led me to the high-tech quantum computer and super-collider industry.  Some dots connected.  More on this soon.
  • Love – I have experienced moments of the most profound love for my fellow humans. I can’t explain the shift I feel, but it’s there and it has overwhelmed me and brought me to happy tears.  We are all doing the best we can, and we are amazing.  I don’t care what your skin color, ethnic background, religion or political leaning is – you are amazing and I love you, especially if you’ll laugh with me.
  • Trust – what is meant to be, is meant to be. Maybe we can alter cycles and maybe we can’t.  Reaching our individual potential is the preferable thing to do regardless.  On a spiritual level, if a cosmic reset truly happens, I accept there is purpose to it.  We are more than our bodies in this earthly experience.  Our Souls are eternal.  A cosmic reset equates to a rebirth.
  • Surrender – Again, a cosmic reset may or may not be in the near term. No matter, I intend to fully live my life…with less rules and restrictions!  Out with the guilt.  I’m going to enjoy life and what it has to offer.  I have felt freer and more child-like happiness than I’ve felt in a long time.

More love, trust, and surrender simply happened without me trying.  Perhaps this experience has been a step to true freedom.

Lots of Questions

I’m left with a lot of questions.  Why did the CIA declassify the document now?  What is in the part that is still classified?  Ben Davidson (Space Weather News LLC) claims the book was originally 284 pages.  Google Books lists it as 232 pages.  The CIA released a 57-page book that appears complete.  There is no redaction shown in the book itself.  If they truly took it from over 200 pages to 57, it’s as if they created an independent subpart of the book.  It’s an unknown, but suspicious in my mind.

Why were the Time Magazine articles and the other papers included in between book pages?  It’s very strange.  I went back and read the articles.  I really want to know what happened to our H-bomb that went missing in Spain after an Air Force collision dumped four bombs with three recovered right away (“The Nuke Fluke”).

It looks like part of my last name handwritten next to a photo of Great Britain’s Harold Wilson.  Part of it was covered up, but I can clearly read “Lundb”.  Maybe the b is an h.  Maybe the next letter isn’t an o.  It was weird to see regardless.  And maybe I’m being a drama queen!  I don’t know.

I’ve found a couple of the books through Amazon on the “for further reading” list inserted in between pages.  They are old – published in the 1940’s.  So far, they are interesting.

Moving Forward

This experience has definitely changed me.  Ironically, I think it’s for the better.  Talk about a perspective builder.  From financial fears to cataclysm.  I’m shown once again that the only thing I can control about life is my proactive and reactive response to it.

I hope none of these sun outbursts happen.  I hope our poles and magnetic fields stabilize.  I hope our weather quits acting crazy.  But if these are real possibilities, I wish our government would be more forthcoming with the truth.

The most important thing to me now is fully living my life.  Being myself with reckless abandon!  Yeah, I can tell I feel less serious about life.  I’m enjoying it more because of it.  And I think this was the purpose – the quantum engine of life finding the optimal solution that brings me to the most harmonious state.  Slap me with a cataclysm scenario to strengthen my sense of humor and bring more of my potential to the cosmic table.

Although seemingly ass-backwards in approach, it was rather effective.

I’ve thought about what don Juan, the Yaqui Indian, taught Carlos Castenada.  Death is always following you.  Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of it over your shoulder, but it’s always there.  Yes, death is always there, but it morphed for me.  I’ve had a couple brushes with it in my life, but in normal ways – car wreck and rafting accident.  Nothing as clever and dramatic as a cataclysm.  I wonder if there’s crowd control at the pearly gates if everyone shows up at the same time?

I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I’m more okay with that now.  I’ve looked at the worst possible scenario and was able to gain a better sense of humor from it (in my humble opinion).  What else can I do but laugh?  It’s kind of stranger than fiction.

I’ll keep looking at our star from SOHO’s perspective because it is beautiful and fascinating.  I’ll continue to learn more about the cosmic cycles and our consciousness because they too are fascinating subjects to me.  I’ll still commune with nature every day and hug trees on a regular basis.  Trees will continue to inform me.

I’ll drink more beer.  Good beer.  I’ll taste more wine, because I laugh up a shit storm with my friends.  I’ll continue to write nonsense because I make myself laugh.  And I’ll do the other stuff you typically hear in these moments like, I’ll love more, trust more, and relax more.  Really, I will.  I’ll also laugh at life irreverently.  Because life is full of irreverent material.

Solutions to Empower

Is truth hidden in the name of safe-guarding our economy?  What good is the economy after an EMP?  Being from the water industry, in our emergency preparedness planning, we used to plan for 3-days or so without power (and that was very pro-active).  The cost of keeping a water system going for a few days on generators is borderline cost-prohibitive.  In the case of an EMP, there would be no generators.  As soon as tanks ran dry – within a day or three – no more water at the tap.  Drinking water is a big problem.  What about sanitation?  Unless you can stop pooping, human waste is an immediate issue as well.  All of these things we take for granted.  No cars, no refrigeration, no food deliveries, no pharmaceuticals once the pharmacies run out.

I’ll stop there.  I’m not trying to fear monger.  I bring up water and sanitation because I think there are proactive things we can do to prepare for this what-if scenario.  Keeping information on the down-low is wasting opportunity we have now.  I believe we deserve to know the truth so we can ask questions and then make our own decisions.

Practical Solutions

Real, practical solutions and strategies are what I’m talking about.  First, we need awareness.  If our minds aren’t aware of these impending problems, we may be blind to potential solutions being shown to us.  I absolutely believe there are helpers we can’t see who will guide us when we ask for help.  Here’s a relevant example:

Free water filtration & water conveyance anyone?

I’ve had a strong feeling in my gut there’s a tangible reason I’ve had this experience.  This piece on water was a breadcrumb on my path.  I wouldn’t have connected the dots if I had found it without having EMP on my mind.  A scientist at the University of Washington has discovered some amazing things about water.  Believe me, we didn’t learn any of this in hydraulic engineering school.  I’d never heard of the fourth phase of water!

He discovered that water restructures itself into its 4th phase via sunlight at the boundary of a hydrophilic (water-loving) surface.  The electrical potential of the water restructures from the addition of radiant energy, aka, the sun!  At the boundary, all of the particles in the water are repelled leaving pure water.  Voila’, clean water without power!

In his lab, they have apparently developed water filtration designs for third-world applications.  Well, that would be us after an EMP.

Wouldn’t it be useful if we all learned how to build one?  The schematic looked simple.  He authored a book, The Fourth Phase of Water.  Mine arrived today.  I intend to dive into the concept of the filtration.

He also discovered that in a hydrophilic tube (tube made of water-loving material), the electrical potential of the water induced flow through the tube just through the addition of light!  This potentially answers the question of how a tree gets water from the ground all the way up to its crown, even through freeze/thaw cycles.  But this also has possibilities for us to convey water without power.

The implications of what he’s working on are astounding!

Composting Toilet

I visited friends who have a composting toilet in their house.  I gave them credit for going through the work.  There may come a time that we all need one.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had an idea of how to make one?

Obviously, these aren’t fun ideas for many.  But if authority figures came out and said point blank – “We think there’s a real possibility of an EMP coming from the sun. We think communities should prepare.”  Wouldn’t that inspire interest from many more to learn some practical tools to deal with the aftermath?

Even if nothing happens and we get to go on with our lives as is, it’s still useful information.  It could be a foreign power that knocks out our grid or a super storm in an isolated area.  I personally don’t think we can depend on our government to rescue us from every disaster.  I think we can empower ourselves to do a lot.  And I don’t mean stockpiling guns to fend off a neighbor trying to feed their family.  Working together, we can do so much more.

New Ways of Thinking

I also believe it’s no coincidence that each and every individual on the planet is here now.  Imagine for a moment that every individual suddenly started being themselves with reckless abandon!  It may be chaotic at first, but with all of that potential now accessible, a new cosmic harmonic can be reached.

Life and its trials and tribulations are meant to help us release resistance to access our full potential.  Allowing our electric potential to make its natural connections in the cosmic web of life is key.  After finding out about the fourth phase of water, I think this concept is even more important than I realized.

More soon…


If you want to investigate for yourself (I recommend it – look and decide for yourself), there’s a lot of information out there.

The first video I referenced that led me to the CIA document is here:

The CIA document, “The Adam and Eve Story”:

You can receive a daily space weather/earthquake/weather anomaly report from the SuspicousObservers YouTube channel (Ben Davidson):  (

I subscribed for a short time.  It got nixed when I realized daily reports were keeping the idea of an impending cataclysm lit up in my mind, and it doesn’t serve me.  I let the important updates find me (trust).

Davidson’s organization has multiple websites for additional interesting information on our sun, space, astrophysics, weather, etc.

The Diehold Foundation, Inc. YouTube Channel.  Under playlists, it was the Causes of Ice Ages… series I referenced:

You can subscribe to the government’s warning system and see live data at:

The Fourth Phase of Water:  Beyond Solid, Liquid, Vapor, by Gerald H. Pollack.

Kudos to my friend, Tara!