There are certain things I am experiencing on this adventure that are giving me pause to ponder.  One occurrence was at the laundromat.

I was up quite early Saturday morning to watch the Lunar Eclipse and decided it might be a fine time to beat the crowds to the laundromat in Quartzsite.  I mean, who else gets up early on a Saturday morning to do laundry?  I found the answer to this question to be primarily men.  It figures since I crawled out of bed and decided only the bare minimum was necessary -brush my teeth, comb my hair, throw on a hat, and luckily change out of my pj’s.

The laundromat conveniently has a cafe attached so that I could get breakfast while doing this task.  Halfway through my first cup of joe, it was time to transfer the loads to the dryer.          Now certain things don’t go in the drier, like my favorite pj pants, delicate shirts, and bras.  As I took my bras out of the bra bags, I thought about hanging them from the wheeled basket that you find at laundromats.  I decided I could just put them in the bottom as it was wire mesh – accomplishes the same thing.  They could start to dry.

I went back to my breakfast and after 15 minutes decided to check on my load of quick-dry stuff.  As it was dry, I folded it which took the bottom space of the basket.  Well, now I seemed to have no choice.  The bras would be hung for the apparently shy men to see.  They are just clothes.  I staked the basket back in front of my driers and went back to breakfast.

At the end of the cycle I returned, unloaded the driers and went to the tables to complete my folding.  One of the shy men approached me, obviously blushing, and asked if I had just transferred some clothes “over there because there appears to be something on the floor”.  I looked and of course had left a trail of underwear on the floor.  I kindly thanked the embarrassed gentleman and gathered my wandering knickers.

Now I had to ponder this.  Why is it that I would think twice about hanging my bras in public and why it would embarrass someone to point out that you left your undies on the floor?  They are simply articles of clothing.  Do they bring an instant visual of the parts they conceal when worn?  I don’t know why the kind man was embarrassed or why I was embarrassed once I realized what was on the floor leaving a trail like breadcrumbs.  So, I still ponder.  Now, should a bra be hung out in the laundromat or not?