In my last post, I discussed virtual reality and how we create our own realities.  Well, I could not agree more with what I wrote.  Again, it has become astonishingly clear how our thought patterns create our external world.  I refer to the external world as the physical world and everything outside of us.  As I observe and study this phenomenon more, I find it actually makes logical sense.

First, can we agree our perceptions create our reality?  In other words, whatever we perceive about our external world is what we believe to be real and true.  We use our five senses to receive input, but it is the interpretation of the input that becomes our perceptions.  The interpretations are driven by our thought patterns or beliefs.  In short, thought patterns drive perceptions.  Therefore, one can only conclude that thought patterns directly create our external world.

One may think things are what they are.  A building is a building; a tree is a tree, etc., no matter what we think.  Well, let’s say you were raised by wolves so you had no words.  A tree would no longer be defined as a tree the way we know it nor would a building.  It is the emotionalized meaning behind the word symbol “tree” and “building” that creates our thought patterns and perceptions.  A tree to one may be related to survival – wood to burn or build a house.  To another, it may be a nuisance that raises sidewalks and foundations.  To another it may be an object to revere for it holds the wisdom of all time.  The perception of the tree is not the same, because the underlying thought patterns are not the same.

I am coming to understand the limiting nature of my own thought patterns.  Well, maybe not totally understanding them, but becoming aware of them.  At the forefront of my limiting thought patterns is poverty consciousness.  I define poverty consciousness as a state of lack; where thought patterns are rooted in a state of lack.  Merriam Webster defines poverty as, “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions”.  What a loaded definition!  It is loaded because the perception of lack is defined quite a bit by society’s standards.

I’ve been aware of my tendencies toward poverty consciousness for quite some time and think I’ve made great strides in shifting to abundance consciousness.  But sometimes I still surprise myself.  Just the other day, I found myself falling down a rabbit hole fearing running out of money.  In other words, I was projecting my future from a state a lack, but I hadn’t been consciously aware that I was doing it.  Specifically, I realized that my income was matching my expectations.  I had not been aware of the low expectations I was sending out to the universe.  Oh sure, I had written down my positive financial goals, but I forgot the most important step of acting “as if”.  Instead, my subconscious message was, “I want X, but as long as I get enough to make rent, I’ll be okay.”  So, I got just enough to make rent!  When the epiphany hit me that I had been putting that thought out there, I was stunned, a little angry with myself, but then grateful that I became aware of it.  Now that I’m aware of it, I can at least do something about it.

I have a vision board that I have not been spending enough time with.  I realized after my epiphany that there is nothing on my board relating to my business.  The board was put together before I started traveling.  I have decided to do a new vision board, just for my business.  Vision boards help me to stay out of rabbit holes when I take the time to look at them!

I’ve already had one hypnotherapy session since I became aware of my current financial thought pattern, and will have them weekly for a few weeks.  The session I had already uncovered some of the source of my thought patterns that started when I was quite young.  Through the regression session, I dialoged with this younger part of me and got to tell her all of the things I wish I could have known at that young age.  In reality, it’s what I need to hear right now.  Let’s just say it was the start on the road to healing and transforming some of my limiting thought patterns.  I have more work to do with this part of me.

Overcoming thoughts and beliefs I already knew I had has been challenging and I’m sure many of you are familiar with some:

  1. Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  2. People with a lot of money are without moral character and shouldn’t be trusted.
  3. Salesman are slippery, conniving, and without moral character and should be avoided.  (Not so good when trying to sell my services!)
  4. To have money and things is a sign of success.
  5. To be really busy and stressed out is a sign of success.
  6. Work really hard while you’re young and healthy so that you can retire comfortably when you’re old.

These are my reversals to the above and are affirmations I shall practice:

  1. Money is a medium for the exchange of energy.  The Universe has an infinite supply of energy.  There’s plenty enough for everyone.  The Universe provides what I need.
  2. Wealth is measured in degrees of happiness.  To be truly happy is to be wealthy.  Happiness is a feeling and it comes from within.  I deserve to be happy.
  3. Being me is enough.  Express my passion and be authentic.  Those that can be aided by my services will find me.
  4. Success is being happy.  I feel happiest through my relationships, quiet moments in nature, seeing another smile, seeing new places, going through mind expanding and soul nourishing experiences.  Therefore, I do these things.  The more I believe in myself, the more successful I become.
  5. I take time for myself.  The sweetness of doing nothing is an art I am mastering.  I relax, smile, and connect.  I am happy.
  6. I have purpose.  My purpose is being me, being happy, and letting happiness be my guide.  Through relationships I feel the happiest, and by being me and being happy, everyone benefits.  This I shall do through the day I die.

As I stare out the window at the mountains, I know in my soul that I am capable of manifesting the life of my dreams.  I know I am the only one who stands in the way.  Transforming my limiting thought patterns is my priority.  Seeing me successful and happy is the vision that I practice.  I practice what I preach!  As I do, I know my external world will reflect the transformation.  It is a logical conclusion because my perceptions are transformed as well.  I am happy and successful…