Do you think you’re crazy?  If so, do you think it’s a bad thing?  Ha!  Embrace your inner crazy!  You’ll have a more joyful life!  

Sometimes when life circumstances leave me feeling uprooted and without any grounding, some major craziness and chaos can occur in the old Control Room.  Recently, the Director of my show finally initiated an intervention with my entire staff.  Yes, I’m talking metaphorically about all the different parts of me!  They like to have their turn at dysfunction and crazy when things get unpredictable in my life.  Unpredictability triggers a way-too-serious reaction.  I’ve found that applying some compassionate humor to my inner crazy and chaos can shift me from the “ick” of too serious to the joy of laughing at my craziness!

Embracing My Inner Crazy

Recently, I was thrust into the unknown with my roots floating in space and my compass needle broken, so shit hit the fan in the Control Room.  First, Vic (my inner victim) grabbed the controls.  Now Vic is a hell of a story writer, specifically in the genre of tragedies.  From her standpoint, she was wronged, and the whole show (Me) was going to descend into lonely destitution in a remote desert, lost, without food or water, and curled up in the fetal position crying endlessly.  Thank God she had a weak grab on the controls!  The Director was called in and he, yes he, got Vic back into her dressing room where she could fold up on her couch.  Boy he got frustrated with her!  No patience for such antics.

He then called in the big guns because this drama got way too serious and frankly, it sucked. The Warrior Goddess answered the call and she and the Director called a staff meeting, aka an intervention.  The Warrior Goddess saw right away that there was a whole lot of baggage dragging down the entire production, and immediate action was necessary to nip this in the bud.  It was strategic planning time.  

She requested input from all to identify what needed to be released so the show could move on.  As she guessed, some common themes emerged:  

  • unmet expectations of others and attachment to future outcomes and dreams (provided by the Control Freak aka Confrea),
  • ruminating in the past and projecting it onto the future (provided by a little of Vic and a lot of Depression), and
  • these other gawd-awful stories written by Vic.  

It was time to call on a Higher Power and ratchet up the Faith lever.  Vic was sent some hearty warm soup to keep her company and frankly to keep her out of the Control Room, Depression was sent on a Nature Retreat to let go of the past and get recharged with Light, and Confrea was sent to an Al-Anon meeting to learn about releasing co-dependency.  The Faith lever was set on High.

The power supply for the control room was completely switched over to Solar, absorbing the Light from Higher Power, filling the entire production with Light and Faith.  The production calmed down, was centered again, and space for joy opened up.  Ahhhhhh…

If you followed my metaphorical story, you can see a little into my world (a strange and sometimes crazy place that I embrace 😲😜), and the techniques I used to get re-grounded.  I really did go through these processes in my mind, and to some I added a ceremony in the physical realm.  When Vic tries to take over again, I literally can see the Director throwing his papers into the air and exclaiming, “For the Love of everything Holy, she’s doing it again!  Get her more soup, and how about a great movie to keep her occupied!”  It brings a smile to my face!   

My roots have been temporarily transplanted to hold me through the winter in a pretty cozy location.  Amazing views and light will aid me in the celebrations of getting to this point in my life, and in the gestating of my new creative ideas.  And, I’ll continue to embrace my inner crazy!

Applying to Your Inner Crazy

The next time you feel like you’re getting too serious and your inner crazy needs an intervention, play around with the different voices and story tellers in your mind.  Use your sense of humor!

  • Remember this one important thing – what is happening in your mind is NOT real.  It is merely stories.  Use your imagine to start directing the story telling.
  • Recognize who has the controls and make the necessary adjustments.  Call your own staff meeting and have a dialog with the voices and story tellers.  
  • Even the dysfunctional parts of us need space sometimes.  Allow them to have their space.  Typically they don’t require a great deal of space, and they certainly don’t need to be at the controls.  A dressing room and a bowl of soup may just suffice!
  • Bring in the resourceful parts of yourself to help strategize and redirect.  My Warrior Goddess rocks!
  • Take the actions identified by your resourceful parts!

I’d love to hear about how you embrace your inner crazy and your strategies for a joyful life.  Please share!