As part of this journey, I feel like I’m shopping for places I might want to settle in for a while.  I really liked my time in Quartzsite because it offered what I needed then.  I felt complete when I left and can’t see myself settling there.  Yuma is also a place I can’t see myself settling in.  It’s a mainstream urban town, and I didn’t feel like staying longer than a week (even though I did in order to spend more time with new friends).  Now on to a place that I can settle in for a while!

Bisbee was definitely on my bucket list of places to see.  I searched for places to boondock, but found little information and what I did find were bloggers warning about potential dangers with drug smugglers.  Obviously, whatever is on the internet is truth (ha!), so I wasn’t sure what to do.  Then the light bulb came on.  I had not tapped into the Hash pipeline yet!  A quick Google search and I found the Huachuca Hash House Harriers.

For those that haven’t heard of the Hash, it’s a “drinking club with a running problem”.  It was started in Malaysia by the military in the 1930’s and is going strong worldwide (see more at The World Hash House Harriers).  I hashed with the Wasatch H3 when I lived in Park City.  It was great fun and I met people from all over during a Hash cruise a few years back.  Anyway, after sending out a request to the Huachuca H3 for information on places to camp in the area “from a visiting Hasher”, aka Quattro Ojos (me), I received a very informative response from one Skinnidip, aka Janice.  After inquiring about safety of the area, she and her husband, 2×4, aka Joe, offered me to stay on their land if it would make me feel better.  It did!  What a gift I was about to receive!

Below you will see where I got to spend the next several days.  Their property is next to BLM land near the San Pedro River between Sierra Vista and Tombstone.  The cottonwoods in the background line the river and are part of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, a birders paradise.

The American Flag and the Marine Corps Flag fly proudly at this desert country paradise Joe and Janice have created.  All amenities are available including the shaded porch, Jacuzzi, and sauna!   The quiet surroundings were something that made me realize how much I’ve missed quiet.  I can add that to my list of criteria for places for me to settle.  The land itself had that familiar soothing energy and the rocky spire looming over their home was the highlight of that energy.

Per the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.  We attract people into our lives that are similar to us, who have similar vibrational frequency.  This is one of the many fascinations being proven through Quantum Physics, and something we can see ourselves if we only pay attention.  Joe and Janice are an example.  As we got to know each other over the days of my visit, it became apparent that we are similar in many ways.  It made for very interesting conversation and a lot of fun!  I couldn’t buy into all of Joe’s political views, but it was educational to hear the perspective of a Vietnam Veteran, a retired Marine, a man who has suffered more physical injuries than anyone I’ve met before, and a southern Arizona resident.  A strong belief we share is our ability to heal ourselves.   Most of all, Joe and Janice are great people with generous golden hearts.

During my stay, I got to participate in a couple of Hash activities and meet a wonderful welcoming group of people.  Most have ties to the military as Fort Huachuca is right there.  I found it interesting to hear about military style living.

Before leaving Yuma, I told Laurie I wanted to have a night out in Bisbee.  I hadn’t been out on a town for a long time, and was ready for a few cocktails and to be around that kind of social energy.  And guess what!  I got just that.  I had toured Old Town Bisbee that day after a stop in Tombstone and fell in love with it.  This is a creative, non-conformist town with character.  It reminded me of Park City.




Upon returning home, Joe told me he and fellow Hasher, Drew, needed to visit the bars in Bisbee that night to begin the planning and organizing of the annual Red Dress Run.  He invited me to join them.  What a great way to experience Bisbee!  As you can see, it was a fun time!

First beer at the historic Copper Queen Hotel

After a couple of beers!

After a couple more beers...

Before starting on this journey, I had envisioned meeting interesting people along the way.   I knew others had to be living on the road, and l tapped into that “underground” in Quartzsite and Yuma.  Full-time RVers usually have an interesting story as to why they chose a home on wheels.  Now I know that equally interesting land-based people can be found and have enhanced my life!!  Thank you so much Joe and Janice for a great time!

Joe & Janice

Joe & Janice after a morning Hash run

Before closing this story, I have to add something Joe had discussed, but I got to see myself.  The photo below was taken at the entrance to the Coronado National Monument southeast of Sierra Vista.  This is in the USA and something that those of us that live north of the border aren’t used to.  Residents of Arizona are living with this.  A member of the Border Patrol told me there are areas they won’t even go unless they have backup.  I also got to experience driving through a Border Patrol check station.  It’s a strange feeling and an inconvenience that locals have to deal with on a regular basis.  I’ll think twice the next time before judging legislation a state develops to combat a particular issue they are dealing with…