To my amazement almost immediately after the first session I started noticing positive results.

IMG_0358Thank you Kathy!  Myself being a person who is constantly seeking ways of betterment and self-improvement, you can imagine my excitement when I heard you were going to start offering this type of service in our community. I couldn’t wait to experience it firsthand.

Prior to my first session I had read many articles about success stories that not only elite caliber athletes and high level business executives were experiencing but also everyday people. Needless to say I could not wait to experience a session first hand for myself.  Once the session started it didn’t take me long to realize any and all preconceived apprehensions I may have had coming into the session were immediately erased. To my amazement almost immediately after the first session I started noticing positive results.

Our work together in our sessions has had many powerful, positive impacts on every aspect of my life not only mentally but physically and emotionally as well.  I highly recommend to anyone looking for self-improvement or over all wellness in their lives to engage in your services.  

Thanks again Kathy! I look forward to many more sessions with you.

~Shawn McDevitt

My observations under hypnosis are still clear as a bell

cindy“Hi Kathy,

Just a note to thank you for leading me through the series of hypnosis that has changed my life!  I asked you for help in accessing more of my higher consciousness, and I came away with new found clarity and enlightenment.  Each session opened up new opportunities for me to expand and grow creatively and spiritually.  I also developed practical ways of integrating those insights into my daily life.  The good news is that now, two years later, my observations under hypnosis  are still clear as a bell, and I can revisit them on my own.”

I’ll be back!

~ Cindy Graber

It is amazing what your mind can do!

“I found Kathy in a time of limbo when I desperately needed direction. I was 20 years old and remained hesitantly standing at the intersection of a crossroads: where to go with my education, but more importantly, what to do with my life as a whole. I struggled with body image and self-worth, and it made the most sense to utilize the very thing that kept me held back as a weapon: my mind. In our sessions, Kathy helped me to visualize physical manifestations of solutions for things that were painful, uncomfortable, etc. We used reversion therapy to pinpoint moments in early childhood where, as a child, I latched onto certain negative ideals (I didn’t fully understand why I was so emotional, but the tears flowed on). But most importantly, she helped to rebuild confidence in my ability of creativity through the visualizations- it is amazing what your mind can do!”

~ M.V

I am able to live a significantly more peaceful life

jessica“I was skeptical of hypnosis at first, thinking it wouldn’t work well and that it was something unusual where I wouldn’t have control over the experience. Luckily, I was wrong! Working with Kathy over four sessions of hypnosis was the only therapy that actually solved the root of my problem and controlled my myoclonic jerk. Now, I am able to live a significantly more peaceful life, unhindered by strong anxiety and shaking. I would advise others to not underestimate the power of non-conventional therapy and the influence one’s subconscious mind has on themselves. Thanks for all your help, Kathy!”

~ Jessica

I saw myself in a new light

mary-johnson“My first experience with hypnotherapy was with Kathy Lundborg, who was recommended by a respected friend. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so naturally I had mixed feelings; I was excited but also a little anxious.

Kathy’s down-to-earth, calm, and warm manner quickly put any fears to rest. She won my trust almost immediately, and I found her very easy to talk to.

My issues revolved around blockages in my life and in being my authentic self. Through Kathy’s guidance and professionalism, I learned about my authentic self and was able to move forward in my passions. I met my spirit guide and inner child who both assisted in this discovery. As the sessions continued, I was able to move into a deeper, more vulnerable level and address other significant issues in my life and relationships. I saw myself in a new light. What amazed me even more was that years after the sessions had ended, I reviewed my notes (written after each session) and discovered even more insights about myself, which paralleled insights gleaned from past personal growth workshops. I will continue to have sessions with Kathy throughout time, as I feel the journey of self discovery is a life long process.”

~ M.J.

Kathy is beyond insightful. She is a true healer

Joan“I am an artist. A year ago, my creativity was stuck somewhere in my over-anxious, over-analytical left brain. I had health issues which were holding me down. I needed freeing. About this time, several friends told me about the life altering experiences they had during hypnotherapy with Kathy Lundburg. I jumped in. Kathy instantly put me at ease and we began our sessions. She showed me, conclusively, that I was a good subject and I proceeded into this new experience feeling comfortable and supported. Kathy is perceptive and has a talent for discerning impactful issues and is able to provide a solid lead in how to identify and conquer the fears that were holding me back. I became more comfortable in my skin, calmer, and ultimately, more creative. Life is an invigorating process, and I will continue seeing Kathy during the process, whenever I feel the need for clarity, or when the dragons of yore show up…as they do. I know I can trust Kathy to gently lead me back to my true self. I am grateful a person of Kathy’s obvious intelligence, empathy, and compassion, is engaged in the profession of hypnotherapy. Kathy is beyond insightful. She is a true healer.”

~ Joan S Borneman