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Dopamine & the Great “Screw-You Cheetos” Experiment

The Cause... The formula that brought me to my little home study was this: Feeling Overwhelmed + Dopamine +< 3 Bags of Cheetos in the Cupboard = TROUBLE! Three weeks ago, I was sitting on the couch thinking about all of the things I need to do to get my new website launched.  Overwhelm crept [...]

Dopamine & the Great “Screw-You Cheetos” Experiment2018-06-09T14:00:09-06:00

Willpower – It’s Not the Energizer Bunny!

Have you ever noticed by the end of the day you lack willpower?  Perhaps it’s your body that suffers the most from this lack.  Think about the way many of us live.  For example, after work you are tired and perhaps stressed, so on the way home you decide to grab a pizza or some [...]

Willpower – It’s Not the Energizer Bunny!2018-06-09T13:59:43-06:00