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Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis

Chapter 4:  Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis Consciousness is the key to everything, yet it still hides its true nature. We cling to science, observation, and experience to explain our history and reality and to predict the future.  But until we realize what geniuses like [...]

Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis2019-04-30T17:29:38-06:00

Tree of Life & the CIA – The Experience Changed Me

Preface I am recording this story as a reminder to myself.  In my darkest moments I can see again there is always a reason for what happens on the journey.  The reason: release resistance and realize greater potential.  The means is through the expansion of perspective which builds more trust and faith and subsequently [...]

Tree of Life & the CIA – The Experience Changed Me2019-02-21T17:16:49-07:00

[Dear GM #5] Fascinating Clues from Trees & NASA

Fascinating Clues from Trees & NASA Another Clue from the Trees:  The Sun! I started this inquiry by asking, “Do trees open wormholes?” because I want to know what is happening when I connect with a tree and why.  I received the answer: The Trees are opening a conduit of consciousness to answer your [...]

[Dear GM #5] Fascinating Clues from Trees & NASA2018-12-11T06:59:34-07:00

[Dear GM #4] Clarity in Process

Clarity in Process in the Dear Great Mystery Series Raw Frustration Leads to the Desired Result. I have received different forms of feedback regarding the Dear Great Mystery series.  To some, the raw, unfiltered experiences I’ve been sharing  appear disjointed and difficult to understand just as the experiences have been.  For others, the raw [...]

[Dear GM #4] Clarity in Process2018-12-01T08:48:05-07:00

[Dear GM #1], Do Trees Open a Wormhole?

Me: Dear Great Mystery (aka GM), Are Trees opening a wormhole? GM, as you know, I see a vortex open up when I connect with a tree.  I have tried and tried to re-create the experience when I’m not with a tree, and I can’t.  It only happens when I intentionally connect with a [...]

[Dear GM #1], Do Trees Open a Wormhole?2018-11-20T14:16:32-07:00

You are Taking a Trip to the Underworld

What is the “underworld”? The clearest context I can offer is from an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru (for more info on that adventure click here). The underworld is dark, dirty, and shadowy. The characters that hang out there are self-serving brutes without ethics and little morals. It can be downright scary. It’s like the red light [...]

You are Taking a Trip to the Underworld2018-06-09T13:54:58-06:00

Messages from the Trees #1 & #2

I have been working with trees for some time now.  Trees are powerful teachers and have helped me in so many ways.  So, I've decided to start sharing the communications I receive from the trees.  Every two weeks, I will be posting the "Messages from the Trees". Join my new Facebook group, Soul Care for [...]

Messages from the Trees #1 & #22018-06-09T13:44:48-06:00

Do You Think You’re Crazy?!

Do you think you’re crazy?  If so, do you think it’s a bad thing?  Ha!  Embrace your inner crazy!  You’ll have a more joyful life!   Sometimes when life circumstances leave me feeling uprooted and without any grounding, some major craziness and chaos can occur in the old Control Room.  Recently, the Director of my [...]

Do You Think You’re Crazy?!2018-06-09T13:56:06-06:00

What is Your Story of Possibility?

Possibility Through Creativity We are the authors of our own story, so write your story of possibility.  It's fun and gives you the opportunity to explore possibility from where you stand today. Through a recent coaching session, I recognized I need to invest time in my creative endeavors.  My intention: allow myself to explore the possibilities [...]

What is Your Story of Possibility?2018-06-09T13:56:53-06:00

Lessons from Yuma…Truth vs Belief

Here I am in Yuma, AZ, parked next to a casino in an RV parking area.  Now those of you who know me probably recognize that an urban, RV-by-RV, generator-rumbling, lack-of-dog-freedom area is not my scene!  However, spending time here has offered many deep lessons. As I re-chart my life and seek my own authenticity, [...]

Lessons from Yuma…Truth vs Belief2017-10-09T16:30:53-06:00