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Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis

Chapter 4:  Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis Consciousness is the key to everything, yet it still hides its true nature. We cling to science, observation, and experience to explain our history and reality and to predict the future.  But until we realize what geniuses like [...]

Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis2019-04-30T17:29:38-06:00

[Dear GM #4] Clarity in Process

Clarity in Process in the Dear Great Mystery Series Raw Frustration Leads to the Desired Result. I have received different forms of feedback regarding the Dear Great Mystery series.  To some, the raw, unfiltered experiences I’ve been sharing  appear disjointed and difficult to understand just as the experiences have been.  For others, the raw [...]

[Dear GM #4] Clarity in Process2018-12-01T08:48:05-07:00

[Dear GM #1], Do Trees Open a Wormhole?

Me: Dear Great Mystery (aka GM), Are Trees opening a wormhole? GM, as you know, I see a vortex open up when I connect with a tree.  I have tried and tried to re-create the experience when I’m not with a tree, and I can’t.  It only happens when I intentionally connect with a [...]

[Dear GM #1], Do Trees Open a Wormhole?2018-11-20T14:16:32-07:00

Running Blindfolded on Lily Pads Relying on Faith

Before "Quantum" Did you ever play the game as kids where you jump from rock to rock, and the rule is you can’t touch the ground?  When I played, it was lava that would mark your end if you failed to stay safe on the rocks.  It was a serious risk, so you had to [...]

Running Blindfolded on Lily Pads Relying on Faith2018-06-01T14:42:32-06:00

Be Free & Be Happy Through Innocence

We've been exploring Innocence or the Innocent mindset in the Soul Care Journey, Nature's Way. The innocent mindset is paramount in aligning with who you are, and therefore, freeing yourself. When we're very young, our minds are programmed with belief systems through experiences with our authority figures, peer groups, and the culture we live in.  This programming process chips away at our [...]

Be Free & Be Happy Through Innocence2018-06-01T14:35:54-06:00

A Fresh Perspective on Destiny

The traditional definition of destiny is: a state or end that has been decided beforehand.  Destiny suggests something that has been ordered in advance. Are our lives predestined? Before answering, consider this: What if Destiny really equates to knowing thyself? What if the path to knowing thyself is the path of destiny? This definition [...]

A Fresh Perspective on Destiny2018-06-01T14:36:28-06:00