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Northern Exposure

Pintler Range Did you ever watch the series “Northern Exposure”?  I always liked that show.  Alaskan small town, harsh environment, yet the community was strong, and was always entertaining.  My recent time here reminded me of this show.  Butte has always had a rough and tough reputation, and some of it very well-earned.  [...]

Northern Exposure2017-10-09T16:30:52-06:00

Peru – Chapter 1

I have taken quite a break from technology since leaving Moab.  Preparing for my departure to Peru, experiencing the adventure of the trip, reintegrating since returning, moving up to Montana, and going on our annual trip to West Yellowstone has filled my time.  The weather is a bit chilly today, and it feels like the [...]

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Why I Love Moab!

The extended time I got to spend in Moab was such a treat.  First, just see what I love about Moab…  Of all my travels so far, arriving in Moab was the first time I felt like I was arriving home.  It was a remarkable difference from my other stops.  I suppose it makes sense [...]

Why I Love Moab!2017-10-09T16:30:53-06:00

The land of goats, chickens, and Soul Sisters!

Looking back on my time in Durango, it made me realize how every decision we make changes our life trajectory.  I remember all of the synchronicities that led me to applying for the Yearlong Soulcraft Immersion.  The first gathering was in the Tetons at the Murie Center in October of 2009.  I was walking into [...]

The land of goats, chickens, and Soul Sisters!2017-10-09T16:30:53-06:00

Whirlwind tour of New Mexico

Since my last post, I have been traveling quite a bit.  I'm due in Salt Lake City by April 5th to catch a plane to Peru, so time to spend in New Mexico was somewhat limited.  Each day I traveled, I felt excitement being out on the open road.  The timing of each move felt [...]

Whirlwind tour of New Mexico2017-10-09T16:30:53-06:00