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[Dear GM #1], Do Trees Open a Wormhole?

Me: Dear Great Mystery (aka GM), Are Trees opening a wormhole? GM, as you know, I see a vortex open up when I connect with a tree.  I have tried and tried to re-create the experience when I’m not with a tree, and I can’t.  It only happens when I intentionally connect with a [...]

[Dear GM #1], Do Trees Open a Wormhole?2018-11-20T14:16:32-07:00


Tips from the Trees #75 Purge! Purge what you don’t want/need in your life.  Simplify and organize your space in preparation for the winter to come. Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  The trees remind us of the change in seasons as they close their shudders preparing for winter.  As days get [...]