Possibility Through Creativity

We are the authors of our own story, so write your story of possibility.  It’s fun and gives you the opportunity to explore possibility from where you stand today.

Through a recent coaching session, I recognized I need to invest time in my creative endeavors.  My intention: allow myself to explore the possibilities that creativity brings, and get out of my analytical, “figuring things out” mindset that can be so inhibiting.

I am the author of my own story, so I am experimenting with writing some future scenarios.  Basically, I am writing a story about a girl named Kathy that is in the process of re-creating her life.  I have faith that the process itself is what will yield the fruit.

Perhaps writing your own story of possibility will open your windows of perception and possibility!

Kathy – The First Short Story of Possibility

Kathy – writer, coach, researcher, explorer, teacher, and introvert.  She didn’t really start out that way.  Rather than looking back to see how she arrived here, we’re going to start in the here and now and go on an adventure into the future.  This is about exploring possibilities through the creative process.  For through the creative process, possibility becomes probability.

Kathy is in the process of re-creating her life, her way.  What she is finding is this is no easy task.  It’s actually quite amazing how many mental programs inhibit possibility.  She’s become aware that some fears are guiding her into a certain mindset of inauthentic action.  Here is a lesson she has learned over and over.  She knows very little of the potential of life.

If she creates her life based on what she knows, she will once again be limiting herself.

If she bases her trajectories on fear, she will depart from her authentic path and once again find herself living a life of conformity that is untrue to her.

She knows faith is the most important value she needs to honor:

  • faith in a higher power (for her it is the Universe or the Cosmos),
  • faith in her life contracts being the overarching guidance for her life,
  • faith that everything is and will be okay,
  • faith in her ability to overcome her limiting mental programs, and
  • faith she can co-create the life of her dreams together with the Cosmic forces.

With all of this faith in place, it will be fun and easy to explore future possibilities!

Kathy loves spending time in nature exploring nature and herself.  She’s been studying trees and the potential of the relationship with them.  She has experienced some pretty amazing things through the trees that the skeptic within her still has a hard time believing.  However, the more she reads about what has been shown through science, the skeptic is softening.  The softening is opening her even more to deepening the connection with the trees and nature in general.

As she continues to study and experience for herself the relationship between her and trees and animals, she is guided to a question – an important question that could impact so many.  It becomes her PhD dissertation project.  So profound of a project it is that she actually has her project funded out of the blue by bigger open minds that want this question pursued.  Now she is being paid well for doing research that she loves.

She is working in nature, in the name of helping mankind and mankind’s relationship with nature, proving even more why we need to revere Mother Nature as our most powerful ally for healthy, happy, balanced living.  She has clients who are benefiting from what she is learning and her current skill set.  Financial abundance is present, and her life is materially and financially stable and abundant.  She and Randy still have lots of time for outdoor adventure.  They are happy and manifesting their dream home on their dream land.

As her research progresses, she and her team of financiers realize this will be an extended project with milestones along the way, learning and adjusting, and bettering mankind.  She is sought for lectures on her research and for her expertise.  It is so easy for her because it is her passion.

Everything just falls into place as she rides easily in her flow.  She realizes that when she simply lets go and has faith, allowing herself to be guided, possibility opens and everything easily arrives.  She is shown what she needs to continue flowing forward in the easy current, bumping along, relaxed and grounded by the gentle bumping of the river.  Her life consists of exploration in nature, writing, coaching clients, lectures, teaching, creativity, love with Randy, and plenty of balance.  She has created the life of her dreams!

What to do with a Story of Possibility??

So this is my first shot of a short story of possibility.  Frankly, I REALLY like how it feels.  What will I do with it?  Well, by putting it into words, I have already collapsed a quantum possibility into a physical probability.  By reading this every day, allowing myself to feel it, and allowing my imagination to take it where it will, the probability of the reality of the story will continue to increase.  Maybe I will rewrite portions to change the story, or maybe I will expand certain parts.  I don’t know, but I will share what fruit this process bears.  It was a short, easy exercise, and most importantly, it felt good!

Write your own short story of possibility and please share your own experience below!