Before “Quantum”

Did you ever play the game as kids where you jump from rock to rock, and the rule is you can’t touch the ground?  When I played, it was lava that would mark your end if you failed to stay safe on the rocks.  It was a serious risk, so you had to be careful and strategic looking ahead and finding the next rock and the next and so on.  It was all very predictable.  It didn’t really require faith.  Think and act fast enough and you’d live; otherwise, you’d lose the game.

This game was about quick application of IF/THEN statements.  That’s been the way we think and operate – logic and IF/THEN and WHEN/THEN statements we automatically think through to get the best outcome.  When life and the world were somewhat predictable, this thinking served us well.

In today’s world of constant and rapid change, predictability isn’t what it used to be.  IF/THEN and WHEN/THEN can fail miserably.  Trying to maintain this strategy with too many moving variables creates crippling stress and anxiety!

IF I graduate, go to college, get a job, get married, and start saving for retirement, I can work hard for 30 years and THEN I’ll retire and live the good life.

Sound familiar? Yeah, well let’s just say that this formula didn’t turn out too well for me!

At the time of the failure, I thought life would end, but now I couldn’t be more grateful.  Why?  Because now I’m embracing the Quantum Age!  I doubt I’d have cared about the word “quantum” if I had stuck to the original IF/THEN thinking.

Reality = Science Fiction

Our world is about to become science fiction all thanks to the Quantum world.  The full impacts of quantum computing and quantum mechanics are really unknown.  According to a Forbes article I “stumbled upon”, all industries will be revolutionized, but what it looks like is unknown.  A more recent article is even more mind-blowing “20 Mind-Boggling Facts about Quantum Computing Everyone Should Read”.

Facts #18 – #20 are especially noteworthy:  computer-simulated natural world,  quantum tunneling through time and space, and parallel universes (see article for more detail).  From Gregg Braden on Gaia TV talking about some of the same subject matter:  Some scientists believe they will prove within the year that we are living in a computer-simulated Universe!

When Einstein was studying the quantum world, he didn’t like a lot of what he was finding, using terms like “strange” and “weird”.

Sages from wisdom traditions have long said we are living in a “dream”.  Dream or simulated, it seems like the same thing to me.

Practical Quantum Mechanics

My engineering mind doesn’t want to dig into the mathematical theories of all of this, I want to know how I can apply these theories to build something practical.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Running blindfold on lily pads relying on faith.

I don’t expect you to understand what I mean. I attribute this visual to my greatest teachers in this quantum age – Trees.  Believe me, I know how weird I sound! This is probably something I LOVE about that quantum age – it is inherently weird, so I feel free to fully participate!!

Here’s the premise:

We are creating our reality.  Co-creating really, but who or what our Co-creators are is still part of the Great Mystery to me.

If it’s all a computer simulation or dream, it implies there is a smarter force driving me and I’m just an avatar.  So I’ll say it’s my Higher Self at the controls nudging me on my true path of weirdness for the well-being of all.  Yes, it really is for the well-being of all.

We’re used to creating reality through logic.  In this new quantum paradigm, we are now acting in the present moment with faith that the lily pad will appear with each subsequent step.

Here’s the visual:

Walking step by step, not knowing where my foot will land until it has landed. The lily pad rises up out of the ether meeting the bottom of my foot with each step just when it was needed.  I’m simply walking in faith, trusting the lily pad will appear over and over again, not having to “see” where I’m going.  Thus, the blindfold.  If I walk out of alignment, I might fall, but it’s just into water.  I can climb up onto the lily pads again.

The running came in because I thought it seemed more fun and a catchier title!!  It’s okay to be creative and have fun in the quantum world.  It’s better that way because the quantum world is based on feelings!

For now, Be Happy! Walk, skip, or run on the lily pads.  Fall into the water!  Laugh about it and climb back on.

I’m giddy thinking about it!

It’s more important than ever to really know yourself and be able to recognize what feels good. If you focus on the negative aspects of what you see in your reality, maintain the belief that working yourself to stress for a future happy life is worth it, then you’ll be taking more than your share of falls off the lily pads and missing the fun in the journey itself.

Choose happy lily pads!