Chapter Three:  Riddle of the Tree of Life

Sometimes, simple poetry offers the best way to describe the indescribable.  Sitting next to the Salmon River celebrating my travel north and Life itself, this is what flowed through!

Riddle of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is Life,

Picture if you will.

Lightning and energy,

All in one pill.

The ancients they saw it,

Recorded it in stone.

We look for it in books,

But it’s written in our bones.

Expanding with the Universe,

The Trees they do depict.

Both under and over,

Connected beyond a glyph.


One cannot explain,

The power they possess.

But when you see an old one,

Awe turns into bliss.

Awe is the source of glory,

For your mind it is shut down.

Expanding Life through you,

Exposing your Golden crown.


The next time you see one,

One of the Elders I mean.

Approach it with reverence,

Bowing to one knee.

Celebrate its wisdom,

Bestowed on you with glee.

For now you are a messenger,

Of knowledge born heavenly.


Suck up all your courage,

For Life needs you now.

No accident you’re reading this,

It’s time to make a vow.

Close your eyes and feel,

Your own Inner Voice.

Your Soul’s been whispering softly,

And it’s time to rejoice.

Why fight this powerful force,

When in service to Life itself?

You simply have to let Life,

Introduce you to yourself.


You’re beautiful and courageous,

Created for this time.

Embrace your inner power,

The experience is sublime.

Life it has its way,

To light the path ahead.

There’s no need to fear it,

Life has made the bed.


Let go and enjoy it,

Keep sitting with the Trees.

They’re a beacon of power,

They hold so many keys.


If you lose your way, 

Return to your teachers.

Representing Life itself,

Trees they are the preachers.

So now you know the riddle,

Of the Tree of Life it’s told.

Embark on your journey,

Step into Life and be bold.


And that’s all I have to say about that…for now!