Looking south

Quartzsite, AZ,  is a small town on I-10 about 20 miles from Blythe, CA, that caters to RV’rs.  The BLM has set aside 11,000 acres of Sonoran desert as a Long-Term Visitor’s Area.  It’s called the La Posa LTVA. Setup in four quadrants, there are entrance stations into each, and La Posa South has an RV dump station and potable water station.  There are pit toilets in two of the quadrants where non-self-contained units (tents or waste tanks <10 gallons) are allowed.  Otherwise, you must have an RV that is self-contained.   Anyone can have all of this between September 15th and April 15th for $180 which buys you a long-term permit.  The water and dump station are free with the permit.  Fourteen-day permits are available for $40.

I’ve only been into town once so far, but there appears to be vendors of all sorts setup in tents along the main drags in town.  I even bought produce in the Fresh Produce Tent! I’ve seen two scratch and dent discount grocery tents so far.  There appears to be every little RV part that you could need.

Cheap booze is sold by the gallon along with the mixers, and beer prices are pretty good.  Fresh produce is straight from Mexico and there are Mexican food brands I’ve never seen up north.  The tortilla selection looks really good!

I’m probably a mile from Main Street, and I’ve experienced no dust, but there has been wind.  The surface is pretty gravelly and hard-pan.  It makes for a great biking surface.  I’ve seen quite a few ATV’s and jeeps.  There are plenty of places to ride.

For a town of 4,000, they offer quite a few things to do.  Arizona Western College offers personal enrichment classes, and the local gem club offers silversmithing and I believe lapidary instruction.  Quartzsite claims to be the rock capital of the world, so there are plenty of rockhounding opportunities.  There are also quite few mining historical sites to see along with a 1,050-year old Ironwood tree, and the largest Saguaro cactus with 47 arms.  The Quartzsite Improvement Association also offers activities designed for retirees.  There are rallies of all sorts throughout the winter with the big RV show happening in late January.  That’s supposed to bring in 10’s of thousands of RV’rs.

For me, the place just feels right.  It’s quiet, pretty, desert with saguaro cactus, palo verde and mesquite trees, and friendly neighbors.