Tips from the Trees #75


Purge what you don’t want/need in your life.  Simplify and organize your space in preparation for the winter to come.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  The trees remind us of the change in seasons as they close their shudders preparing for winter.  As days get shorter, sap slows, and upper branches are affected first.  Trees grow thin cork at the stem, cutting the leaf off.  Chlorophyll disappears – it’s what has been hiding the other colors.  The leaves are shed as they are no longer needed.  The tree has protected itself from the accumulation of snow weight from the winter storms by shedding what it doesn’t need.  At the same time, dead leaves insulate roots & helps humus production which ends up feeding the roots.  Shedding is part of the natural order.

The process of shedding stuff – material stuff, emotional baggage, and physical weight – feels like work to me.  But I took it to heart upon getting this message.  My storage shed and motorhome are organized and prepped for winter.  Life’s storms may come, but I feel more agile having only what I need and really want with me.  Surprisingly, I even have some open space left in my 25’ tiny home on wheels!  I’m glad to be done purging this time around.  The trees are my wisest teachers!