Prescott was a great place to visit and would probably be a great place to live for someone who likes the outdoors and milder climates.  The terrain surrounding the campground is rolling forest with steeper mountains close by.  The rolling terrain is great for biking and hiking trails which there are many.  The Ponderosa Pine forests also add to the quality of the trails.  The undergrowth isn’t too thick and the pine needles make the trails soft.  The town itself is pretty easy to navigate.  There are cute shops in the downtown area near “whiskey row”.  Pretty much every big box retailer has a presence in the sprawling areas and they are even building a Trader Joes!  The town is close to other areas to visit like Jerome and Sedona.  I definitely recommend Prescott as a place to visit and potentially settle down.

Trail from camp on the way to Goldwater Lakes

Different shot of same spot!

Another view from the trail

View towards town from trail.

Granite Dells – I really enjoyed this area.  It’s a formation of granite that is about 1.3 billion years old that has weathered in a unique way.  It’s 4 miles north of town next to Watson Lake.  If you want to read more about it, go to Indian artifacts have been found there and I read that it is believed that the Toltecs and Aztecs were there at one point.

A view from within the Granite Dells

Jerome – A town built into a steep mountainside that basically has two switchbacks of a highway through it.  It reminded me a lot of uptown Butte.  A few gallows frames still exist and I’m not sure if they are still mining at the big mine.  I went through several shops and had lunch, but that was about it.  It’s a tourist town with lots of tourists!  Of course I went on a Saturday.

One of the gallows frames

One of the historic buildings