Chapter 4:  Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis

Consciousness is the key to everything, yet it still hides its true nature.

We cling to science, observation, and experience to explain our history and reality and to predict the future.  But until we realize what geniuses like Nikola Tesla did:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”;  

We won’t get any closer to understanding ourselves and our place in the universe.


My life focus has been the study of consciousness and the nature of reality.  Trees have been extraordinary teachers. Investigating my experiences with trees brought me to a recently-declassified CIA briefing which I wrote about in CIA & the Tree of Life.  This post provides some new information and a key personal discovery regarding the Hero’s Journey.

Spoiler Alert:  If you chose not to read the last post due to its disclaimer, then you may want to pass on this one too.  Much less detail than the last, but this post does have spoilers.

Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life

The Complete Adam & Eve Story

The entire 200+ page book of the Adam & Eve Story by Chan Thomas was found by some folks investigating the CIA briefing.  It is pretty interesting. If you read my original post and the subject interests you, here is the link where you can download the pdf of the entire book.

Chan discusses what to expect when the polar reversal nears with respect to human behavior, preparedness, and more.  The human behavior part really caught my attention because it talks about crazy behavior being an effect of a decreased magnetic field.  There are other studies out there on this topic. We seem to be living in an amped-up crazy time already, so it did stand out.


In the last CIA post, I discussed a couple of practical preparedness ideas relating to drinking water and compostable toilets.  I have read some about the Fourth Phase of Water, but the book has no detail on the design of energy-free water filtration based on the fourth-phase discoveries.  Honestly, I’ve felt no impulse to follow through more than that, so I have nothing more to share on those subjects.

I refer you to the Adam & Eve Story if you really want preparedness ideas.

Personally, I believe getting right with Life is my form of preparedness.  We all die at some point, so I’d like to be in harmony when my ticket gets pulled.    

Last Thoughts on Chan Thomas’ & Others’ Predictions

My overall conclusion on the potential cataclysm and pretty much my whole Life:  any possibility we have of changing our trajectory is in changing the way we think.  

Geniuses have been quoted – you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.  

The problems we face are too complex for us mere humans to analyze our way out of them.  We will continue to repeat patterns until we change how we think.

Personal Experience of Repeating Patterns

I’ve learned from personal experience, when I try to re-create using the same thinking, I end up in the same pattern even if it has a different look.  

My life as an engineer:  several different jobs trying to find the right one, but in the end, the same pattern of stress, slave-driving perfectionist mindset, developing a persona for each situation, and losing myself more and more along the way.  

Medical hypnotherapy practice – completely different environment, different tools, different part of the brain, yet the same pattern emerged.  

I get trained as a life coach because that will help solve some of the misfit of the hypnotherapy practice – I can travel, and do the work by phone.  Same pattern emerged.

In relationships, repeating patterns of losing myself to please the other emerged.

I’ve gotten so frustrated with Life!  Then I realized I’m not smart enough to figure my way out of this.  I must let Life show me the way.

Changing the Way We Think

I believe Life has a plan, but I question how much of it is actually fixed.  From a quantum physicist, “Nature at its core is quantum mechanical.” Well, Nature is a creation of Life.  Therefore, Life is quantum mechanical at its core.

Quantum computers analyze all possible scenarios based on variables in an uncertain state.  Instead of using 0’s and 1’s (bits) like a conventional computer, the computational input of a quantum computer exists in a spectrum between 0 and 1, aka, superposition.  It looks into other dimensions (which I can’t get my mind around)! So, a quantum computer is a multi-dimensional, on-the-fly, super-duper problem solver.

The optimal solution is the one that yields the lowest potential energy, or a balanced state.  In my mind, I look at the complexity of global issues and overlay quantum problem solving, and I conclude that our solutions are uncertain and Life develops the optimal solutions on-the-fly.  Maybe Life does its planning on-the-fly based on constantly changing solutions.

Maybe some processes are fixed – like periodic cosmic resets – but I’m willing to bet that our human choices affect the optimal solutions Life produces.  Cause and effect and no coincidence…already it’s too complicated for my brain.

But I’m not suggesting we just curl up in the corner and watch Life happen.  

I think the key is for each of us to tune into Life; stop fighting it; and be courageous enough to follow its cues.  

It’s simple enough to put into one sentence, but much more challenging to execute.  This is a radical change in the way we think because we are allowing Life to do our problem-solving, right?  This includes allowing new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new systems. It could mean old paradigms die.  That’s all based on personal experience in trying this new way of thinking.

Life is Smarter than Us

The creative intelligence exposed through the investigations into my tree experiences has made me realize how little I know and the extreme genius of our Creator, aka, Life.  

Perhaps eating some humble pie and realizing Life is smarter than us, we may help Life deliver solutions in a more timely fashion.  

My thoughts on ways of thinking:

Old Way of thinking:  Logic-based, pretty predictable results.  Shadow side: Worry about worst-case scenarios.  Try to mitigate the worst-case in an imagined future through control measures (manipulation, force, planning).  Second-guess choices.

New Way of thinking:  Quality of Thought = Quality of Vibration, Uncertain inputs and Outputs.  Faith & Trust Required.   Tune into inner voice.  Quiet time is a priority.  Be aware of inspired thought and act on it.  Be aware of subtle and obvious signs Life is showing, which is guiding to the next step, and the next.  Realize everything is connected in a vibratory Universe because everything is vibration.  Be accountable for thoughts and actions. Be compassionate and honest with self.  Once mastered with self, it’s easier to practice with others. Know true intentions of self.  Do Not interfere with another’s journey. Life has their back as well as yours and everyone’s!  Life knows better and is connected to your inner voice; inner voice and Life are one harmonious voice.  Trust in Life or your form of higher power.

I realize there’s much more to it, and these are just my thoughts after getting frustrated from the Old Way of thinking.  I’m depending on Life to keep mentoring me in the New Way.

To see an illustration of the creative design in us humans, check out this Ted Talk for a mind-blowing illustration of how we work at the molecular level Animations of unseeable biology.

It’s only 9 minutes and worth watching.  I saw one comment under the video: “That’s absolutely terrifying.”  I get it. The exquisite detailed operation that our bodies execute constantly is done without us knowing it or controlling it.  We may be closer to being cyborgs than we realize! 

The Real Nemesis I Must Conquer

In this last series of posts, I’ve been talking about the Hero’s Journey and how I must conquer the worst thing I can imagine.  First I thought it was financial fears, but then was shown the threat of global cataclysm (CIA & the Tree of Life). Then I told the story of my irrational reaction at getting my RV’s rear-end diagnosed (The Next Catastrophe – the Case of My Leaky Rear End).  

After these experiences, I really thought I was doing so well with the Hero’s Journey!  But then, the truth hit me recently – the real nemesis is inside me.

I met this awful masculine internal character at the beginning of this journey in a year-long program.  He’s the voice of fear, of “practicality”, of you’re never enough, sometimes you’re worthless, lazy, fat, ugly, wrong, etc.  He is doubt. And he is mean. Perhaps you can relate.

Indeed, he is the true nemesis.  My recent epiphany is that his true function is being the Dream Killer.  He is the only one that could overpower and convince me to forget my dreams and return to a life that I know is wrong.

Exposing his role as Dream Killer has already empowered me.  Life has shown me a way to address this showdown. I’ve pivoted into some new areas of focus, and I’m spending a lot of resources on this one.  My approach so far has been helpful and pretty pleasant. Also, I think there’s some relief that the real nemesis has finally been realized.

I’m optimistic.  My Life literally depends on conquering him.  If he won, I could end up back where I started – in a misfit life.  The pattern would repeat and I would slowly die yet once more… That is no life at all.  As I imagine it, it would be the worst failure of all. I’d be failing my Dreamer.

Like I said, I’m optimistic.  Cataclysms primed me, trees continue to charge me, and a twisted sense of humor is a great coping mechanism.   



Changing the way we think is the key to changing our personal and collective trajectories.

Life is smarter than us.  Trust in Life is imperative.  Life has the answers and will transmit the answers through us.

Opening to our connection to Life and understanding the basis of our universe is energy, frequency, and vibration moves us forward.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of existence.” ~Nikola Tesla


The U.S. Department of Navy now publicly admits to subscribing to the plasma universe (electric universe) cosmology with its advanced “craft” technology in a US patent application.  We are living in a reality that used to be considered science fiction. We have always been in a quantum electrodynamic reality, but now we’re realizing it!

Here’s the patent application if you want to geek out over quantum, multi-dimensional power generation for space and underwater craft.

US Navy Patent App US10144532