Had a great time in Phoenix visiting with Toni and her family.  Toni and I basically grew up together.  We’ve been friends and getting into trouble together since kindergarten.  It’s been years since we’ve had the opportunity to truly be together for an extended period of time – probably since college.  I also got to visit with another friend, Karen, that I’ve known since Sunday School, sometime in our youth.  It’s interesting after so many years apart that we can just get back together and start where we left off.  I guess that only comes with your childhood friends.  They know your whole story.

I left my contribution on the Phoenix economy.  One flat tire that turned into two new tires for my car, some fun with the girls, and a bath for Josie!  It was all good.  My rear tires were pretty worn, so now I feel confident with the new ones.

I spent Thanksgiving with Toni and her family, stuffing myself to the point of pain.  Toni and her friend went out at midnight to experience the Black Friday madness, but I gladly passed!  Friday we headed to the Boulders OHV area northwest of Phoenix.  We spent the weekend with Toni’s family and friends and had a great, relaxing time.  It was first experience in the Sonoran desert.  The sunsets were spectacular – like something out of an old western.  There were saguaro cactus on the horizon with pink/purple light behind.  The area was pretty dusty as it is an OHV area, thus the bath for Josie!