Spiritual Mentoring, Guiding & Healing

What makes this unique?

Reality Realized…a whole new Experience.

My work is focused on expanding awareness of consciousness and applying the laws of consciousness (what many refer to as the law of attraction).  

Methods of success we’ve been conditioned with in the mainstream are backwards and dis-empowering.

The subconscious mind – meaning your imagination, dream world, feelings, observations/perceptions, sign recognition, symbols/metaphors, inner voices, etc. – is the tool or access point for our work.

Applying the laws of consciousness, you learn to empower yourself and create through alignment, allowance, focus, and fun!

Thus, the True You is realized as your former Self-Identity is released.


Become a deliberate Life Creator.

Lead by Example in this new age.

Expand your Awareness, Raise your Consciousness. 

End fear of experiencing your Emotions.

Learn what Observations really mean for you. 

Align actions with Truth. 

Experience your Passions.

Realize your Potential.

We work together through one-on-one sessions via phone.

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