It was fairly easy writing about the places I have seen so far, but I’ve found myself procrastinating on writing about the personal side of things.  This is the meat of what I’m doing and it’s not all grand adventure.  I’ll do my best to be open and honest when sharing!

When I drove away from Draper, UT, on the morning of 11/11/11, I was full of excitement and heavy anxiety.  The day had finally come!  I had been working towards this for a couple of years now.  Everything fell into place pretty easily as time had progressed.  Now I was getting on the highway driving the land yacht with car in tow.  I was rewarded with advanced RV driver training in Utah County where I-15 was under construction.  The narrow lanes weren’t enough; they added seriously tilted cross-overs when moving traffic from one side of the highway to the other.  I left a few months of my life on that stretch of highway.  Once on quieter highways, I tried to adopt a positive attitude and calm all of the voices in my head that still have a way of saying “Holy Shit” in a way that I can still hear.

Over the past month, I’ve appreciated the reminders I’ve received from the universe on why I’m doing this.  In Prescott, I was immediately met with helpful people.  Bob, the guy in Cuppers who wanted to connect me with the right people once he heard what I was doing provided me with a powerful affirmation.  Then there was my campground hostess.  She is 64, recently divorced, and her ex gave her a 5th wheel trailer, but no truck.  She got the job as camp hostess for the winter and got someone to deliver her trailer from Colorado to Prescott.  She is working on figuring out where to take her life as well.  I looked forward to her daily visits.  She had started a part-time job in Prescott at a women’s clothing store.  They offered her a fulltime job when she is done being a hostess.  She showed me the new clothes she was outfitting herself with from the store.  She said she enjoyed being able to buy whatever she wants and decided she is going to replace her entire wardrobe!  You go Judy!

I met another woman on the trail who was about my age.  Her and her husband just made the big change too.  They had lived in Nashville, doing well by city standards, but decided to simplify life and get back to what was important to them and moved to Prescott.  She has chronic lyme disease and said she was so happy to be in
Prescott where she can hike with her two dogs everyday right out her front door.  They’ve never had a regret and she said, “You go gypsy girl.  You’ll be fine.”

I decided to get my hair cut while in Prescott.  I went into a Cost Cutters on a whim.  The woman who cut my hair had left her previous life 2 years ago.  She left her restaurant and moved to Prescott.  She went to beauty school and reported that she is in debt now, but happy as can be because she is living her life.  Her only advice was to not give up; stick with it.

It’s interesting to me that the small handful of people I met in Prescott had similar stories.  It is believed that with the planetary shifts and the shifts in the earth’s energy predicted in time by the Mayan calendar, one of the consequences is increased occurrences of synchronicity.  I feel like I just experienced that in a big way!

I don’t believe in coincidences.  Every time I meet someone or visit old friends, I try to pay attention to what the message is “behind the scenes”.  As I learn more about our “higher selves” and our subconscious mind, it really is interesting when you pay attention to what you hear.  What I mean is being present to what is happening in the moment and being open to what messages are coming both consciously and unconsciously.  The universe, God, Spirit, Unity, whatever your term is for the higher supreme source is providing us with the queues we need when we ask for them, but we have to learn to listen.  What I am learning about myself is that I need a lot of downtime to center and connect with that energy.

I’m now in Quartzsite, AZ.  A place of quiet Sonoran desert, saguaro cactus, palo verde and mesquite trees, flat gravel ground, craggy desert mountains, warm days and mild nights, quiet neighbors, and a feeling of safe peace.  I know I need to be here now and my sense is for quite a while.  It’s time to be still and read the piles of books I have, take a class or two in town, and get to know some neighbors.

For such a quiet desert town, they offer a lot of interesting classes.  There is a branch campus that offers a lot of creative classes – art and mind oriented.  The local gem club teaches silversmithing and I think some lapidary.  There are many rock hounding opportunities as well.  I found that out in the first 5 minutes talking to a very helpful woman who was restocking the library in the entrance station to my quadrant of the La Posa Long-term Visitor Area.  She also volunteered to watch my RV if I decided to leave at Christmas.  She kind of paused and looked me in the eye and said, “Being alone, you might have a hard time at first.”  She was very sweet!