I thought I was really good at the game of life.  I knew how to set my mind to whatever it was I wanted.  I’d work hard to achieve and reach my goals.  I mastered that game.

I carried those skills into my new life helping people to heal themselves using similar strategies.

  • Establish your goal.
  • Identify what’s getting in the way or blocking the achievement of the goal.
  • Use various countermeasures to get around or remove the block.
  • Practice regularly with a tool of the mind or body to reach the goal.

Again, effective strategies.

To reach the end game in both cases requires using your will.  You use your will to influence and manipulate variables to achieve your goal.

It requires focus and determination.

It can be taxing, painful, and exhausting.

But what if there is an easier way?

What if the actual game of life is much simpler?

What if you can get what you want by relaxing and allowing rather than working hard?

I know this may seem super crazy and maybe even cause some discomfort thinking about it.  But stick with me for a moment and I’ll explain this crazy notion!

I’ve been dealing with low back pain.  I have a medical diagnosis from multiple traumas to explain why pain could be present.  Various measures help relieve the pain – yoga, self-hypnosis, pain relievers, and avoiding the activities that irritate it.  However, I’m not consistent with yoga or self-hypnosis (yes, I’m admitting it), I don’t like taking pain relievers, and there’s some things I just need to do, irritation or not!

I have discovered a super simple way to relieve my back pain.  

So simple in fact, that I still find it hard believe.  I’m used to having to work at things if I’m going to solve it myself – like yoga or self-hypnosis/meditation.  Something that requires effort and setting time aside, and admittedly usually I just power through the pain until it won’t shut up.

But I keep using this same simple technique with the same result – instant relief.  The pain may come back at some point, especially when I’m ignoring the underlying messages of the pain (we’ll save that for a future discussion), but if I repeat the simple practice, then easy peasy – the pain is gone.

I realize I sound like the start of an ad for some pharmaceutical drug or snake oil.  But I want to emphasize my own shock at the simplicity of the solution.

I know there are some of you who have worse pain than I do or have other serious physical symptoms.  If that’s the case for you, I’m sure you’ve tried everything.  You may have even worked with me for pain in the past.  But this is something new, a nuanced version of something we may have tried together.  Maybe, just maybe, this could provide relief for you too.  I certainly hope so!

Drumroll please as I describe the process itself!

I tend to use this technique after I go to bed, when I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in because my low back is yelling at me.  However, you could do it wherever and whenever works for you.  Does your pain hit you after sitting too long at your desk?  Close the door and go for it.  Or wait until you get into the privacy of your car.  I don’t think this requires a meditative state of mind, but I do think it will work only if it is your singular focus and not while multi-tasking.

2 Simple Steps to Pain Relief. (The New Pain Game)

  1. Relax!  Get yourself into the most comfortable position you can, preferably somewhere quiet, and close your eyes (maybe you won’t need to, but it helps me to focus).  Take a couple of slow gentle deep breaths (bringing your mind into focus).
  2. Observe & Describe!  Bring your awareness into your body, and start feeling the sensations of your physical “issue”.  With your awareness on the sensations of the issue/pain, begin describing the sensations.

I do this step out loud.  I find it to be more effective than silently talking in my mind.   Example:  It feels like a knife is stabbing me right at the base of my spine, but on the left side…

Note:  Talk as if you are talking to a separate being, like the issue or pain has its own identity. 

As the sensation changes, simply describe whatever the new sensation is.  When I begin this step, the sensation changes!  It migrates to a different place, it changes intensity (sometimes it REALLY intensifies, but this is temporary), and/or it changes sensation.  So, I simply describe whatever the new sensation is.

Example:  I now feel you going down my leg, it feels like an aching pressure…it’s hot now…now it feels like there’s a vice around the base of my spine…now I feel you in my left foot… 

Note:  This is ONLY observation and description.  I do NOT yell at it, nor get nasty with it, nor ask it to go away, nor do I try to influence it in any way.  I do not ask it any questions.

Keep observing and describing until it is gone or mostly gone or at least comfortable enough.  For me, the pain dissipates and then goes away all together in a relatively short time.  Simply Amazing!!

See why I say this is simple?

My Theory

The success and effectiveness of this practice is so mysterious!  I’ll explain my theory, based on some fact and a lot of other theories.

  1. First, we do know that at our most basic physical level, the smallest bit that we could be reduced to, we are simply vibrating energy. The frequency of our vibration, or energetic state, is mostly determined by our emotions.  Emotions are simply energy moving through the body.

When we repress, suppress, or otherwise leave emotions unprocessed, that energy stays in our bodies, festering.  (Note – There is also a building body of evidence that the festering energy can be generational, i.e., unprocessed emotion inherited from previous generations.  So, if you think you’ve effectively dealt with your emotional world, any festering energy may not originate with your personal experiences.)  At some point, that festering energy reveals itself, many times through a physical manifestation such as pain.

The main point in my theory is that when the pain barks loudly enough, it wants to be ACKNOWLEDGED.  Through observing and describing it, which adds up to acknowledging it, the pain goes away.

I don’t think this is far-fetched at all.  Think about how many times as a kid you felt like you weren’t heard, acknowledged, or understood by authority figures and/or peers?  It hurts to feel that way!  Did we confront those folks or ourselves on those feelings at the time?  We didn’t know how then, and maybe still don’t!  So how much festering “unheardness” could be present in our bodies?  Scary thought, eh?!

What if this simple practice can allow all or part of that hurt to be relieved without having to directly re-experience the emotional pain?

What if simply taking the time to finally acknowledge it in its current form (physical issue) allows it to finally feel heard?

Holy crap!  Sign me up!

  1. Also, by thoroughly acknowledging the physical issue, without trying to influence it, takes us out of resistance to it. It switches our energy into allowance.  I think this is another BIG part of the reason the practice works.  Resistance to “what is” attracts more of “what is” because we are giving it energy through resistance.  “The war on… Fighting this or that…”. We are taught to resist and fight!  If that works for you, great.  But if it doesn’t, I hope you are inspired to give allowing through acknowledgement a try.

My Request

Are you still feeling doubtful?  I can’t say I blame you if you are.  Honestly, I think this is something you have to try for yourself.  I am so hopeful that this technique can be duplicated, but we’ll never know if you don’t try.

If you are inspired, please join me to innovate and refine this pain/symptom relief technique. 

After all, what do you have to lose?  And what could you possibly gain?!

Together, perhaps we can simplify how to relieve a huge problem for many.  Please email me at kathy@kathylundborg.com describing your experience or if you have questions!

I am excited to think we could be on to something great!

Let’s do it!


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