Why did you find a “No Coincidence” card?

Whether or not you found a card, you found your way here.

This is a Quantum social experiment.

We are meant to help each other.  I promise this is genuine and NOT a scam or a sales pitch, so please read on.

What if the purpose of life really is to experience the purest form of Love and Joy?

What if the key is to activate our individual potential that is encoded within us?

What if through these seemingly random “meetings” with each other, more of our potential is automatically activated?

What if by you simply being you, and me simply being me, we get much closer to pure love & joy in our individual lives and in the collective?

What if all it takes is a simple and innocent dialogue?

Again, it’s no coincidence you are here.

Let’s positively impact each other by starting with a friendly “Hello”!

I genuinely want to hear from you.  I’m not trying to sell you something.  I won’t add you to my email list.  You can do that on your own from my contact page if you choose.

I’d love to hear where you found the card or what brought you here, and anything else you feel compelled to share.  What we feel compelled to share with each other are the clues to discovering why we were brought together.  I will respond using the media you choose below.  Perhaps then we will both sense the reason why we were brought together in this social experiment!

Thank you for being here and being you.  Otherwise I wouldn’t get this opportunity to meet you!

Please contact me via email me at kathy@kathylundborg.com or via social media using the links below.

Even if you already know me, please say hello anyway!  You aren’t seeing this by chance.  There must be a reason we are meant to be in contact now.

If you feel compelled to share this post, please do!  Let’s fuel this social experiment!  Simply use the links below.