About a week ago, I drove away from Yuma, saying goodbye to my friends.  These are friends I met in Quartzsite and had been camping with since.  I learned a lot from them about living out on the road, and learned a lot about myself in the process.   I had great experiences and have found friends for life.  However, it was time for me to get back on the road.  The pull was back to get moving.  Just over a month before I need to be in Salt Lake City to catch a plane to Peru and a lot to see in the meantime.  That’s the logic of it, but the pull was to start moving towards My Life.  As I am on a quest to create My Life based on my authenticity, I am honoring my impulses to go when and where I am guided to go.  When I say “impulses”, I mean my gut instinct, gut feeling, or intuition.

Saying goodbye was hard, but this time driving out onto the open road, I was excited.  The anxiety I had felt the previous couple of times when I hit the road was almost gone.  Maybe it’s due to more confidence.  Whatever the reason, I liked it!

Group shot before departing…

I headed on to Tucson to the Casino Del Sol RV parking area for a couple of nights.  I wasn’t too excited about staying at another casino, but this area was much quieter – not as any generators, not as many sirens, and was paved so it was cleaner.  The area around Tucson was pretty – mountainous and more desert vegetation than in the western side of the state.  I got to see another of my RVer friends that I met in Quartzsite and filled up on groceries at Costco.

Tucson was nice, but I was looking forward to some small town, rural, quiet time.  I really wanted to see Tombstone and Bisbee and was having a hard time finding boondocking areas through an internet search.  A couple of spots were listed, but with warnings about the safety of the area.  Due to the proximity to the border, drug smuggling is “common”.  Yeah, not a warm fuzzy feeling…

The experience I did have allowed me to compare and contrast the types of communities I want to live in.  And I will write about it in my next post!

(For a couple of shots of where Josie and I walked each day, see my first attempt at creating a movie from my photos!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYZGkVlOcl0)