Joan“I am an artist. A year ago, my creativity was stuck somewhere in my over-anxious, over-analytical left brain. I had health issues which were holding me down. I needed freeing. About this time, several friends told me about the life altering experiences they had during hypnotherapy with Kathy Lundburg. I jumped in. Kathy instantly put me at ease and we began our sessions. She showed me, conclusively, that I was a good subject and I proceeded into this new experience feeling comfortable and supported. Kathy is perceptive and has a talent for discerning impactful issues and is able to provide a solid lead in how to identify and conquer the fears that were holding me back. I became more comfortable in my skin, calmer, and ultimately, more creative. Life is an invigorating process, and I will continue seeing Kathy during the process, whenever I feel the need for clarity, or when the dragons of yore show up…as they do. I know I can trust Kathy to gently lead me back to my true self. I am grateful a person of Kathy’s obvious intelligence, empathy, and compassion, is engaged in the profession of hypnotherapy. Kathy is beyond insightful. She is a true healer.”

~ Joan S Borneman