Funny how life just happens and time gets going so fast.  Change really makes time accelerate from my perspective.  Since last time, I have been enjoying my “Red Carpet Program”.  Back in October, I wrote that I decided I was moving home.  Since making the decision, everything has EASILY fallen in to place.

I really wanted to find a furnished place to move into since I’d be moving in the winter.  Check that box!  I am house sitting for the winter in a great townhouse.  I didn’t even ask for this great of a deal and it fell in my lap.

After finishing school, enjoying a vacation in Santa Fe with my parents over Thanksgiving, saying goodbye to my family of friends in Santa Fe, I made the journey north.  I hoped for good roads (it was December after all).  The roads were perfect the whole way through New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.  The snow started in Butte just as I arrived!  After that, the roads were hellish for a few days.

My good friend, Julie, had inquired on office space for me.  The contact she gave me had the perfect space for me, actually more space than I need, for a very affordable price.  So again, check that box!

It still feels surreal that I am living in my hometown once again, after nearly 20 years.  The views seem so much more spectacular than I remember.  Contrasts in life definitely provide perspective.  After traveling around in my motorhome and living where I have, I definitely have perspective on the type of environment that I want to be in.  Surrounded by mountains, no crowds, wildness, and great people are pretty much my formula!

Whenever I go skate-skiing (which is something I have been doing quite a bit since arriving), and stop and listen to the ravens and the quiet, I just smile inside.  I am so grateful for the decisions I have made that have led me here.

I felt like I was neglecting a project of mine by not writing, so I decided I would give a brief update.  My focus will now be on starting my Hypnotherapy practice – Advanced Hypnotherapy of Montana LLC, enjoying the outdoors as I re-acclimate to winter, and continuing to study in my PhD program.  I intend to keep my blog going.  Just because I am in one place for at least the next 6 months, the adventure is still underway.  I see change and transformation as my new normal.  I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Thank you to all for the support you have given me since starting this great adventure!