One of my friends introduced me to this saying, and I later heard it in the movie “Eat Pray Love”.  It is Italian for “the sweetness of doing nothing”.  In “Eat Pray Love”, the Italian man muses on how Americans don’t know how to do nothing.  We work, work, work during the weekdays and we are so exhausted by the weekend we collapse on the couch in front of the tv in our pj’s.  He says the Italians know how to do nothing.  Perhaps we should all get a trip there for a demonstration!

I’ve been trying to settle into il dolce far niente.  I’m finding that it is really sweet.  I’ve had the quiet days where I’ll stroll through the wash with Josie, listening to the birds and the sound of my own footsteps.  Afterwards, relaxing in my lounge chair with a book, I find myself just staring out into the desert.  It’s interesting the thoughts that come into my head.  It’s also amazing the feeling of peace I’ve experienced.

What I realize is that even though I’m not working, I have few of these days of practicing doing nothing.  Seems like there is always something that needs to be done.  I bought a solar system for PB and it seems that took days to complete and get adjusted.  Then I needed to get my shelf built where the old tv used to sit.  That was a 2-day process.  It’s not like these tasks take all day, but it interrupts the flow of the day.

I spotted two UFO’s the other day.  Well, that certainly cut into my time of doing nothing!  My wise friend Bob recommended I try to see them through my spotting scope.  Thanks for that Bob!  Sure enough I could see they were blimps.  I learned they are military blimps, and they are quite large.  I could see them and they are miles away.  The story I heard is they have cameras and sensors and are part of watching the border.  They are attached to very long cables and they are raised and lowered daily.

I long for more periods of nothingness.  The voices come through with much more clarity, and I can hear them.  I am the happiest and at peace.  I wish that others that feel the longing for quiet and peace find the time to experience it.  Il dolce far niente is indeed sweet!