“Having dealt with abuse and bullying during my childhood, I developed significant problems with shame and low self-worthiness. I had developed problems and reactionary outbursts to any perceived threat. Zero to sixty. I never realized what the trigger was until I worked with Kathy. Now that I understand, I can begin the process of learning to relax, and see how I am feeling. Respond intentionally. Understanding this will help me live a real life.

I had worked with three therapists before Kathy. This life-long problem was uncovered because of Kathy’s wisdom and the friendly, relaxed way we were able to work together. I never felt judged, and was always treated with respect and hopefulness that things can change.

I look forward to our sessions. There is always another piece of the puzzle that falls into place at each and every session. Her demeanor is open, trustworthy and optimistic. Hypnosis requires trust, and I never felt awkward or uncomfortable. I have some unfortunate passive-aggressive tendencies, and a tendency to feel victimized; this was dealt with in a straightforward manner and I was gently lead to see this, without feeling shamed.

Three years ago, I had an incredible moment where I felt asked if I wanted freedom, and I was willing to through flames to get there. I said yes, and my life as I knew it started to fall apart. For the first time since then, I feel hope and confidence that it was worth the suffering and I owe this new beginning to working with Kathy. I am so grateful.”

~ R Lee