Why is it that now that I have all of this ‘free” time that I haven’t found time to blog????

  1. Spent the first few days after returning from Mexico treating myself to a spa day, running errands, shooting my rifle with Bob, and scrambling to get the last of the repairs to the motorhome, a.k.a. PB, complete.
  2. Once on the road, I had to get my 8′ x 25′ space habitable.  A feng shui designer would’ve gotten twisted seeing the orginal state of things.
  3. After the first night in a Wal-Mart parking lot, I chose a beautiful spot in the Virgin River gorge that did not have 3G cell service, so the internet was not functional to my standards of patience.
  4. I have to read the instructions on WordPress!

So, here I am in North Las Vegas with my good friends Larry and Anita, and I am quite tired.  I thought I’d at least lob a start at a post.  After a few days visiting, I intend to head to Prescott, AZ and spend some time in a coffee shop or two getting caught up and reading the blogging instructions!

Already things to share – but right now I need sleep.  Can’t seem to get enough!