Nature really does speak!  This time, I offer more photos than narrative as nature speaks for herself.

It’s been a wet spring, so it is so green and vibrant.  Mother Nature is an amazing artist, and I finally dug out my camera after getting frustrated by the camera on my smart phone.  I found a few themes.

Happy little trees!  Many Bob Ross scenes this year!


Life, death, life is a constant cycle.  Whole communities of trees are dying off due to infestations, but everywhere there is death, there is new life.

Trees, great grey owls and a red-tail hawk had a common message:  

  • Keep your head up and focus on the vision.  
  • Stay out of the how-to’s.  They keep your head down.  You miss the important stuff.
  • Keeping your head up and your body straight and tall, moving with awareness, you can’t believe what you’ll see, hear, and learn.
  • Stay focused and you’ll get what you want.

In particular, the owl said,

“Relaxing with a really quiet hoot might attract some new friends!”

I’ve been enjoying the time with the owls so much!  They are beautiful fascinating creatures.  Have you ever looked into the eyes of one of these magnificent beings and felt like you were really seeing into them, and they are really seeing you?  Pretty wild!

I thought it was interesting how this owl seemed to be hanging out in the same vicinity each day.  

Then I discovered why!  This little owlet was perched on a limb as I walked by!  What an amazing gift it has been spending time with these magnificent creatures!

Here’s a video I shot of this mother owl quietly hooting and observing the clumsy human filming her!  I was grateful for her patience!

Daisy has enjoyed the time in nature as well.  She was protesting leaving on this day.  She got settled in and would NOT come to get in the car.  Frankly, I didn’t blame her!

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