We’ve been exploring Innocence or the Innocent mindset in the Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way.

The innocent mindset is paramount in aligning with who you are, and therefore, freeing yourself.

When we’re very young, our minds are programmed with belief systems through experiences with our authority figures, peer groups, and the culture we live in.  This programming process chips away at our innocence as we begin to think we know things.  As time goes on, we apply others’ projected beliefs and our own adopted beliefs to rationalize why we can’t have what we really want!  Seems a bit crazy, but I bet you know what I mean.

How many times have you dared to dream about something you want only to talk yourself out of it using seemingly rational reasons?

Your innocence has been repressed by “adult” and “grown up” thinking!  Enough of that!

What is innocence?  What does it do for us?

  • It is the mindset of not knowing, of having no agenda nor strategy, of being open and spacious and happy.
  • It keeps us in the present moment because we’re not worried about the future or problem solving.  We’re just in the moment having fun.

Imagine a puppy or a kitten when they’re playing.  They are completely in the moment just having crazy fun.  Think about how you feel when you watch them.  Can you even help but smile?  Does it bring joy into your heart?

Perhaps there are children in your life who have the same impact – bringing a smile and joy to your heart. Young children when they’re playing – giggling over the simplest of things, having fun dreaming &  imagining, enjoying life just for being in that moment –  do you allow that joy and fun to come into your heart?  Or do you tell them to be quiet, quit bothering me, not now, get your head out of the clouds, stop daydreaming?

Is innocence why grandparents love their grandchildren so much?  Do grandchildren reconnect grandparents to their own sense of Innocence?

The innocent mindset releases you from knowing things, from strategic thinking, and from having an agenda.  It simply allows life to happen based in a feeling of happiness, joy and curiosity.

Logic vs. Innocence

I have had so much fun reconnecting to my own sense of Innocence as I work through the first part of the Soul Care Journey.  The little one inside of me is showing me the more I adopt the innocent mindset, the happier and easier my life is.  And this is coming from a reforming Type A – perfectionist – know-it-all!  I get in the way of my own happiness when I use logic about what I have to do to create the future I want.  Remember, logic is based in the programmed beliefs, and logic is messing in the “hows” of life.

Logic is thinking that I actually know the best way to achieve my desired future.  Big Mistake!

The innocent one is showing me I have no business being in the hows. The helping, guiding, loving forces in the Unseen World are there taking care of the hows for me.  They want me to be happy.  All I have to do is focus on being happy now.  That’s my job.  And then more and more and more happiness comes.
I don’t have to go through certain rituals, dress a certain way or any of that.

I simply have to get in touch with my own innocent nature.

You can learn more about getting in touch with your own sense of joy, happiness, and curiosity – a renewed sense of freedom – in the Soul are Journey, Nature’s Way.  It is very accessible, and we are having a lot of fun!

If you have questions, please let me know!  I’d love to hear from you!

All my best,


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