The plant kingdom is full of mystery.  I was first shown how to “dowse” a tree as part of a class on Sacred Leadership.  One of the teachers owned a consulting firm in The Netherlands healing natural environments and corporate environments.  They operated remotely using energetic practices to heal.  I had just gotten into the energy healing world, so it blew me away that environments could be healed through intention!

See the photo above?  The streaks are not glare.  They are simply part of the mystery of Nature and the plant kingdom!  The photo was taken among the Ross Creek Cedars in northwestern Montana, a very enchanted place.

Opening to the Plant Kingdom

Are you interested in interacting with plants to expand your consciousness and deepen your connection to the mysteries of life?  The exercises in Module 3 of the Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way, are designed to open our eyes and perceptions to the ability to not only interact with plants, but to affect their well-being and even survival through our intentions and feelings.  

Energy Healing with Plants

Sending loving thoughts and feelings to the leaves separated from a plant as described in the exercise, or to an entire plant, or to a person or environment are all examples of energy healing.

If you’ve ever had any experience or training giving or receiving energy healing from one of the various modalities available, you know what I mean.  I received training in Theta and Pranic Healing. In Pranic Healing, there is no touch, but the practitioner projects “prana”, or life force energy, through their crown down to their hands and out to the receiver’s chakras in specific order depending upon the ailment.  This is after the chakras have been cleaned. Pranic Healing is one example of energy healing, but I believe most are about the intentional projection of healing energy.

In the Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way, we’ve learned that plants have their own life force as well, and they react to ours.  If you’re participating in the Soul Care Journey and the exercises are challenging for you, try to let go of expectations.  Whether or not you are participating in the Soul Care Journey, simply begin observing your plants or the plants around you.  Stroke their leaves lovingly.  Sing to them, or hum if you have stage fright!  Through these simple acts, you are sending or projecting loving energy to them. 

Remember, positive intention must be behind the nurturing acts.  No intention equals no projection of energy, and a negative intention equals negative energy being projected. From Pranic Healing, you can imagine pink ribbons (pink = love) of energy projecting from your palms to the leaves or plant(s).  Perhaps you’ll sense to use a different color.  The plant may tune you into what it needs.

Expanding Your Awareness

Participating in these exercises will increase your awareness of plants.  Since becoming fascinated with trees, my awareness and curiosity about the rest of the plant kingdom has greatly expanded.  My bean plant, Fred, reaches out to touch me (it’s the plant that gives high fives) when I put my hand by his always-searching branches.  The exercise I shared in Module 3 is what inspired me to try to interact with Fred in the first place.  Walking in forests now, I notice how much more I pay attention to plant life.  To me, the expanded awareness is worth all of this learning in itself!

Plants are Magic!

I have a friend who grows all of her food and knows more about gardening than I thought possible.  Recently she noticed she needed “pollinating plants” in her garden.  After putting the need out there, the plants began spontaneously growing on their property!  How magical!

I hope you experience some of the mystery and magic of the plant kingdom on your journey.  

Please share in the comments below your trials, triumphs and observations of the plant kingdom.