Tree Dowsing?? What in the world is she talking about this time?!

Hopefully I got your attention.  When tree dowsing was demonstrated as part of a Sacred Leadership course I took in Texas, it is the name the teachers used for the process of entering into a tree’s energy field.  If you think this sounds a little “wooey”, think again.  

Plants are sentient!

Have you ever heard of The Secret Life of Plants (Tompkins & Bird) or the work of Cleve Baxter?  I won’t go into great detail, but Baxter, America’s foremost lie-detector examiner in his day, did work with plants and lie detector machines, or galvanometers.  His work showed that plants appear to be sentient.  His work is fascinating along with other experimenters highlighted in the book referenced above.  Ancient cultures and indigenous people would not find this surprising because they already knew and practiced a reverence for the natural world, including plants.

Trees have had special meaning to me for a long time.  From providing shade to having my back, trees have been a friend, a protector, a place to hide, a point of focused meditation, an inspiration,  and most recently, an amazing teacher and guide.  I’m sure most of you can relate to having at least one, if not many, special trees at some point in your life.  Did you climb one as a child, or have a tree outside your bedroom window whose swaying branches would lull you to sleep, or perhaps you had a tree under which was your special place for picnicking or spending time alone?  

Trees are Guides & Teachers

To me, trees are at the top of the order when it comes to “speaking” to a plant.  An old, regal and wise Douglas fir tree scarred by lightning and humans lives at the top of the hill of one of my favorite hiking trails.  I visit her regularly in the summer.  She has shared some pretty profound teachings with me.  The following story is one example of the gifts I have received from trees and this one had a profound impact on me.


When I approach this magnificent tree, I ask her if I can come in and communicate with her.  It’s not with words, but intentions.  I slowly approach each phase of her energetic rings, moving forward as she allows until she lets me all the way in to her thickly-barked trunk.  Placing my hands on the rough bark, I project gratitude through my hands and heart and thank her for being there.  Then I stand quietly and wait.  

On this day, she had a profound message for me in the form of seeing, sensing, and feeling what it is like to be “all-in”, or completely committed.  It came in a flash, but I held on to the vision:  a strong, relaxed, rooted and centered way of being where all parts of me are focusing their energy on the intention of the present moment.  No fears were holding parts of me back, no invisible barriers were protecting my emotional vulnerabilities by holding back my light.  No, this was a sharp contrast.  All parts of me were completely committed with the happenings of the moment, in the flow, no inhibitions and full of calm confidence.  

As I felt this feeling, I felt my body stand a little taller and straighter and I sensed a glow starting in my core, between my solar plexus and heart, and the glow was growing in size and intensity.  I stood there for a while, taking in this amazing new and wonderful feeling, sensing the glow, and  installing the feeling in my body and mind.  Wow!  This was intense!  I sent gratitude and love again to the tree, and with a big smile on my face, placed a fallen chunk of her bark back at her base as a symbol of gratitude and reciprocity for this wonderful gift she had just given me.

How can a tree deliver such an amazing and life-altering experience?  Remember, as I referenced above, plants are sentient beings.  Check out the book to see the science behind this statement. Trees know nature’s language, or the Mother Tongue.  Our kind once spoke the Mother Tongue as well, but we have forgotten it for the most part .  As soon as we gave up reverence for the natural world and focused on dominating it instead, the Mother Tongue was lost.  As we seek deeper meaning and connection in our lives, the Mother Tongue offers a way.  Trees are excellent teachers of the language, as well as animals, rocks, insects, etc.  

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the magnificent Douglas fir tree again.  As I leaned into her with my eyes closed literally hugging her, I could see tiny dots flowing out from in front of my eyes into one pin point and then flowing down into what appeared to be a tunnel, as if the fluid dots were going down a drain.  It felt to me like she was taking from me what she needed.  Then the flow stopped and I instead felt energy flowing into me.  As the energy made its way down through my body, my knees went weak and I almost collapsed.  It was an amazing, deep, relaxing feeling.  

In time, my body seemed a little more solid, and the “process” felt complete.  I felt completely relaxed and peaceful.  I thanked her and placed a small stone in one of the cracks of her bark – a token of reciprocity.  As I left and started hiking along the trail reviewing this experience, I received a flash of a vision.  I don’t know how else to describe it but as a vision, and there was a clear idea with the vision.  Teach this to others, share what you have experienced with trees so others can as well.  I knew right then and there this vision was from the tree!

New Intensive – Communicating with Trees

I am taking direction from the tree.  I am excited to announce that I am offering an intimate intensive on communicating with trees in June.  Actually, I believe there will be a series of intensives which I am titling “Nature Speaks”.  “Communicating with Trees” is the first installment of the series and I will be offering it multiple times.

Working in a group setting in nature has been a dream of mine since I made my life change over four years ago.  I just wasn’t clear on what to do.  Now, thanks to the trees, I am so excited to experience and explore together what the trees may offer and what we may offer the trees!  

Do you already have an intimate connection with trees and want to explore this connection in an intimate group setting?  Do you desire to make a deeper connection with nature?  Perhaps you are exploring yourself at a deeper level and nature is a natural place for you to do your work?  Maybe you are feeling the pull of something greater and the idea of communicating with trees resonates with you?  Well, please register for one or all of the intensives!   


Wednesday Evening, June 8, 2016,  5:30 p.m. –  9:00 p.m. – South of Butte

Friday Morning, June 10, 2016, 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. – South of Butte

Sunday,  June 12, 2016, 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Wise River, MT area

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Contact Kathy Lundborg at 406-640-4386 or
Offered at $65
Pre-registration required. Registration open until Monday, 6/6/2016.

Group size is limited to 12 participants per scheduled time.