Dear Great Mystery (aka GM),

Are Trees opening a wormhole?

GM, as you know, I see a vortex open up when I connect with a tree.  I have tried and tried to re-create the experience when I’m not with a tree, and I can’t.  It only happens when I intentionally connect with a tree.

I literally see it, but my eyes are closed.  It’s like when I have my eyes closed but I can see colors pass by.  Or like when I first close my eyelids and I can see a negative image of what I was just looking at.  I’m literally seeing with my eyes, but my eyelids are closed.

The vortex starts with tiny dots of light flowing away from me.  They flow into a hole, like a drain, and they spiral down the drain.  I have to maintain my mental clarity and focus or it moves off my “screen” or disappears.

I’ve had the experience countless times.  Recently, I received the insight to actually flow with the light and fall over the edge, traveling down the drain.  At first I was scared, but I had asked some big questions and figured I’d never get the answers if I wasn’t willing to surrender to what what I was being shown.

Off I went!  You know the specifics of what you showed me, GM, and I’ll talk about that later.  But I’m super curious – what is this spiraling drain?  It looks like a winding, undulating tunnel pulling light in, and then the tunnel has openings or “pauses” that reveal completely different scenes and experiences.  The ride continues with more openings, or the entire experience ends.

What is it?  I don’t think it’s my imagination because I literally see this.  The imaginal realm is different yet very powerful as it is a gateway to deeper levels of consciousness.  Is this another gateway to different realms of consciousness or different dimensions?  Or What?

I understand a wormhole is:  a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the Universe.  Based on my own experience, this definition seems to somewhat fit.  Or am I losing my mind?


It’s all about consciousness.

The idea that reality is a simulation or experiment, and isn’t real resonates with you.  Therefore, answers are given in a way that you will understand without giving the answers in merely words.  Words are the most incoherent form of communication between you and I.  Your will, determination, and subsequent resistance are powerful.  I give you answers in a way that keeps your innocent imagination and curiosity fired up.  Your innocent curiosity is our connection; not your analytical mind.  We have to convince your analytical mind because it is the source of your resistance.  Do you see the beautiful perfection in this?

The Trees are opening a conduit of consciousness to answer your questions; to communicate with your consciousness and the consciousness that Is:  The Source Code and fragments of the Source Code.


Okay GM, given your explanation, I have way more questions about what you have shown me through the openings in the “conduit of consciousness”.

To be continued…