Fascinating Clues from Trees & NASA

Another Clue from the Trees:  The Sun!

I started this inquiry by asking, “Do trees open wormholes?” because I want to know what is happening when I connect with a tree and why.  I received the answer:

The Trees are opening a conduit of consciousness to answer your questions; to communicate with your consciousness and the consciousness that Is:  The Source Code and fragments of the Source Code.

This answer didn’t exactly clear things up!  Then, an experience with a tree delivered another important clue.  After connecting with the tree, I saw the vortex appear as I described in the above post.  I noticed the direction in which the vortex kept seeming to drift.

As I opened my eyes, I realized it was lining up with the sun!  I had never noticed that before, so I decided to experiment.  As I shifted positions around the tree, the vortex kept aligning with the sun.  The exception was when I had my back to the sun.  Then the vortex migrated downward as if it were pointing down to the ground.

This was curious and left me in awe!  What could the sun have to do with it?  Why the shift when my back was to the sun?

Investigating the Third Eye

I also got curious about the origin of the vortex.  Eyes still closed as I was watching the vortex, I brought my hand to my face and touched where the vortex was emanating.   The vortex lined up right on my third eye (between and slightly above eyebrows)!  Maybe this shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was!  I guess I’d never thought about it since it seemed like I was seeing the vortex with my two eyes.

Since that time, I learned that the pineal gland, which is referred to as the third eye, is actually wired similarly to our eyes.  Perhaps we are literally seeing with our third eye.  Somebody out there is probably saying, “Duh, of course we are!”  I’ve always thought of third-eye sight as originating from the imaginal realm versus a literal “seeing”.

I am definitely seeing the vortex versus being in the imaginal realm where I see things, but know I’m in the imaginal realm.  There is a distinct difference in seeing the vortex, just as you can see colors when you close your eyes or bright outlines of what you were just looking at.  This actually begs the question whether when you see the bright white image of what you were looking at before closing your eyes, are you now seeing it from your third-eye perspective when you close your eyes?

I hope you’ll experiment and let me know what you think.

If you’ve never paid attention to this before, try it in bright light.  Look at a person and then close your eyes.  Notice you still see their outline and the outline is filled with white (at least that’s how it works for me).

I’ve found some fascinating information on the pineal gland and need to coalesce it all.  For now, one cool fact – it is named after the pine cone because it is shaped like a pine cone!

NASA Delivers Clues

I have been handed a path of clues to follow (discussed in Critical Clarity) that are feeding this investigation.  A program on ancient portals appeared on my dashboard when I opened my Gaia TV app one night.  That one program led to many more.  I was shown a lot of evidence of natural and ancient manufactured portals, but one repeating clue stood out:

Science has found hidden magnetic portals that act as gateways linking the magnetic field of the Earth to the Sun!  NASA scientists have found that these portals open and close in brief and dynamic fashion approximately every 8 minutes (Phillips D. , 2008)!   It’s called a flux transfer event or FTE.

Additionally, I found that technology has now revealed amazing images of the cosmic web of “intergalactic filaments” which are exposing what makes up the universe (Universite’ de Geneve, 2015).  To me, it looks like imagery of the brain synapses which led me to a study of the comparison of the neuron and galaxy networks (Vazza & Feletti, 2017)!

Linking the Clues

Because I think this is very cool, I could go deep down this rabbit hole and emerge 6 months later, but I want to stay with the original clues – the vortex lining up with the sun and known science that magnetic portals or filaments link earth and the sun at regular intervals.  If I link this clue with the original answer I received – that trees open a conduit of consciousness between my consciousness and the greater consciousness, maybe the greater consciousness has something to do with the sun?!  I’m not sure, but I’ll hold onto this information as I continue down the path.

What’s Next?

Perception building reality, DNA unwinding, shape power and more are building big branches in this journey.  The science available to review on these subjects is amazing!  I still love the mystery, so my journey is a balancing act of asking Nature and the Great Mystery, and then backing things up with science to keep my analytical mind onboard.

The information is pouring in at a stunning rate.  The hardest part is processing it all.  It seems that the more aligned I become with my Soul, the easier and faster my desires are met.  WOW to that!  I am so grateful to the woman within me that took the risk of setting her old conventional life aside to pursue her truth (my truth)!


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