Clarity in Process in the Dear Great Mystery Series

Raw Frustration Leads to the Desired Result.

I have received different forms of feedback regarding the Dear Great Mystery series.  To some, the raw, unfiltered experiences I’ve been sharing  appear disjointed and difficult to understand just as the experiences have been.  For others, the raw descriptions are so similar to their own intuitive experiences that it makes sense.  To all who have engaged in discussion in some form, I am very grateful.  Clarity has come regarding sharing in the raw.

Clarity through Insight

The insight struck me in the morning when I had reached down to grab my coffee cup after stirring in the cream:

Looking into my coffee, I see a spiraling vortex of caramel-colored dark roast spinning around the cup.  Seeing the vortex causes a stall in my system, so this must be an important moment.  I grab my journal and record my observations and thoughts bombarding me.  The insight hits:

Raw, unfiltered information is coming in like ingredients for a great cup of coffee.  Pour them all in the cup, but until they’re stirred and mixed well allowing the binding and alchemy to take place, the finished product won’t taste like the desired cup of joe. 

The point is that even if the raw information at first doesn’t make sense and causes frustration, it’s part of the process (I needed to hear this).  The needed information will come (for me I am being led to mind-boggling scientific information).  Once it’s all put together, questions will be answered in a digestible manner.

Back to the investigation…

How do we eat from the Tree of Life?

Dear Great Mystery,

Last time when I asked how we eat from the Tree of Life in day-to-day life, you answered:

Spend time with the Tree of Life and Trees.  Open yourself to allowing Life.  Listen to your body.  Mystery talks through the body.  Mystery talks through the trees.  Mystery talks everywhere.  Choose your device!

The way I understand it, the Tree of Life is the code for unconditional love.  To get this code, or to eat from the Tree of Life, we do what you say above.  Well, many of us are doing that already.  I don’t feel like I live in a state of unconditional love nor do I feel totally free from fear.  I definitely feel like I have made quantum leaps in both areas, but I’m a work in progress.  I still have questions, so this discussion is not over.

Choose Your Device

I want to call attention to the last lines:  “Mystery talks everywhere.  Choose your device.”  One of my shamanic teachers taught me that nature is full of “tuning devices”.  He uses the term “eco-field” to describe the conscious quantum field in a local ecosystem.  Mystery talks through the whole eco-field.  Perhaps individually we tune into different devices depending on the eco-field and the time in our lives.

I started out tuning into animals, especially birds, and I still do.  Trees came into the picture later as I was guided to them.  Trees are my focus of inquiry, but I try to remain open to all signs or tuning devices, just as elk have been in the past.

Perhaps nature itself is not your tuning device.  Even in our mundane world, signs can be found everywhere.  It’s a matter of being aware as you tune into yourself.

Tuning Devices in the Mundane World

Since getting the raw feedback above from nature, tuning devices in the mundane world have provided an impressive path of crumbs!  I have been led to scientific information that illustrates why the guidance above is so important.

As a visual learner, I love to watch movies and TV programs to learn.  I receive powerful breadcrumbs or clues that lead me to books, websites, etc.  It’s as if once your inner guidance (aka your Soul, Mystery, God, etc.) sees where you notice its cues and that you listen to what it’s showing or telling you, it builds on this communication.

As I was browsing through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Gaia one night, I focused in on a program on Gaia presented in the “Watch Next” window on my dashboard.  It was about ancient portals, aka wormholes!  My first Dear Great Mystery question was about wormholes, remember?  I leapt down the proverbial rabbit hole!

That one breadcrumb has started me down a path through ancient portals branching into quantum physics, DNA, sacred geometry, gravity, and back to trees in what seems like light speed.  I have received answer after answer to my big questions that have led to more questions.  Questions have led to more breadcrumbs followed by answers.

The experience has left me in awe, and frankly a little overwhelmed with mind-expanding data.  I’m trying to discern what to investigate further for greater understanding.  What’s fascinating is if I go to nature looking for help in this discernment process, she answers!  It’s an iterative process of receiving clues and experiences in nature followed by receiving clues and information in the mundane world; repeat.  With each iteration, I feel like I’m getting closer to the truth…

Stay tuned!