My first full day in Prescott, first 5 minutes in the awesome coffee shop of Cuppers, and I have an afternoon appointment with the head of the Arizona Wilderness Coalition and a second contact with a professor of Ecology at Prescott College!  Seem a little odd?  I started talking to Bob, a self-proclaimed “geezer” who frequents the coffee shops of Prescott.  He said it was my blonde hair and Toltec t-shirt that made him want to help me!

The guy from Prescott College, Doug, is Norwegian and studies the Norwegian and Swedish cultures and teaches ecology and I believe our connection to nature.  That is what I got from Bob.  Sam is with the wilderness coalition and Bob got him on the phone, after failing to get Doug on the line but leaving him a message about me, and handed the phone to me.  Sam said they have a lot of volunteer opportunities and can me a lay of the land with local businesses if I’m looking for a job.  I meet with him at 3:00!