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Not a Joke: TWO SIMPLE Steps to Pain Relief!

I thought I was really good at the game of life.  I knew how to set my mind to whatever it was I wanted.  I’d work hard to achieve and reach my goals.  I mastered that game. I carried those skills into my new life helping people to heal themselves using similar strategies. Establish your [...]

Not a Joke: TWO SIMPLE Steps to Pain Relief!2018-06-09T13:54:10-06:00

You are Taking a Trip to the Underworld

What is the “underworld”? The clearest context I can offer is from an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru (for more info on that adventure click here). The underworld is dark, dirty, and shadowy. The characters that hang out there are self-serving brutes without ethics and little morals. It can be downright scary. It’s like the red light [...]

You are Taking a Trip to the Underworld2018-06-09T13:54:58-06:00

Do You Think You’re Crazy?!

Do you think you’re crazy?  If so, do you think it’s a bad thing?  Ha!  Embrace your inner crazy!  You’ll have a more joyful life!   Sometimes when life circumstances leave me feeling uprooted and without any grounding, some major craziness and chaos can occur in the old Control Room.  Recently, the Director of my [...]

Do You Think You’re Crazy?!2018-06-09T13:56:06-06:00

What is Your Story of Possibility?

Possibility Through Creativity We are the authors of our own story, so write your story of possibility.  It's fun and gives you the opportunity to explore possibility from where you stand today. Through a recent coaching session, I recognized I need to invest time in my creative endeavors.  My intention: allow myself to explore the possibilities [...]

What is Your Story of Possibility?2018-06-09T13:56:53-06:00

Dopamine & the Great “Screw-You Cheetos” Experiment

The Cause... The formula that brought me to my little home study was this: Feeling Overwhelmed + Dopamine +< 3 Bags of Cheetos in the Cupboard = TROUBLE! Three weeks ago, I was sitting on the couch thinking about all of the things I need to do to get my new website launched.  Overwhelm crept [...]

Dopamine & the Great “Screw-You Cheetos” Experiment2018-06-09T14:00:09-06:00

Subconscious Programs and Relationships

Over 95% of our lives are run by subconscious programs! What does this mean? Our minds are like a computer, and our subconscious mind is like our mind's base operating system. The programs running in the operating system are typically functioning outside our conscious awareness. Our habits, attitudes, thought patterns, and stories emanate from the [...]

Subconscious Programs and Relationships2018-06-09T13:59:06-06:00

Willpower – It’s Not the Energizer Bunny!

Have you ever noticed by the end of the day you lack willpower?  Perhaps it’s your body that suffers the most from this lack.  Think about the way many of us live.  For example, after work you are tired and perhaps stressed, so on the way home you decide to grab a pizza or some [...]

Willpower – It’s Not the Energizer Bunny!2018-06-09T13:59:43-06:00

What the Pursuit of Wisdom Means to Me

I recently wrote a paper for a class I will be attending in California next week titled "Wisdom & the NEW Civilization".  The assignment was to write an essay on what the pursuit of wisdom means for me.  I haven't really written for so long, I forgot how cathartic the process of writing can be. [...]

What the Pursuit of Wisdom Means to Me2018-06-09T14:00:27-06:00