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Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis

Chapter 4:  Postlude to CIA & the Tree of Life, Changing Our Thinking, & the Real Nemesis Consciousness is the key to everything, yet it still hides its true nature. We cling to science, observation, and experience to explain our history and reality and to predict the future.  But until we realize what geniuses like [...]

Riddle of the Tree of Life

Chapter Three:  Riddle of the Tree of Life Sometimes, simple poetry offers the best way to describe the indescribable.  Sitting next to the Salmon River celebrating my travel north and Life itself, this is what flowed through! Riddle of the Tree of Life The Tree of Life is Life, Picture if you will. Lightning [...]

The Next Catastrophe – The Case of My Leaky Rear End

Chapter Two:  The Second Worst Thing I Can Imagine. After discovering cataclysmic predictions (last post - Tree of Life & the CIA), I thought I had moved past the “worst thing I can imagine” and was happily moving forward in my life. Then I was faced with the second worst thing I can imagine.  And frankly, [...]

Tree of Life & the CIA – The Experience Changed Me

Preface I am recording this story as a reminder to myself.  In my darkest moments I can see again there is always a reason for what happens on the journey.  The reason: release resistance and realize greater potential.  The means is through the expansion of perspective which builds more trust and faith and subsequently [...]

[Dear GM #5] Fascinating Clues from Trees & NASA

Fascinating Clues from Trees & NASA Another Clue from the Trees:  The Sun! I started this inquiry by asking, “Do trees open wormholes?” because I want to know what is happening when I connect with a tree and why.  I received the answer: The Trees are opening a conduit of consciousness to answer your [...]

[Dear GM #4] Clarity in Process

Clarity in Process in the Dear Great Mystery Series Raw Frustration Leads to the Desired Result. I have received different forms of feedback regarding the Dear Great Mystery series.  To some, the raw, unfiltered experiences I’ve been sharing  appear disjointed and difficult to understand just as the experiences have been.  For others, the raw [...]

[Dear GM #3] What’s Love Got to do with It?

Dear Great Mystery, What’s love got to do with it? Dry Creek sandbar, Sedona, AZ. Sitting under an ancient and partially living Arizona Cyprus tree with massive twisting branches reaching out, some clawing into the sand as if still trying to hold on to life, I ask, “Great Mystery, what is love?  Is it [...]

[Dear GM #2] What is the Tree of Life?

Prior to my last post (Dear GM, Do Trees Open Wormholes?), this happened. On a crisp, blue-sky morning I was hiking into the quiet desert forest near Sedona, AZ.  Banana Yucca plants were grabbing at my pant legs as I trekked up the rocky trail gawking at the oddly intense-green creosote bushes.  A massive [...]

[Dear GM #1], Do Trees Open a Wormhole?

Me: Dear Great Mystery (aka GM), Are Trees opening a wormhole? GM, as you know, I see a vortex open up when I connect with a tree.  I have tried and tried to re-create the experience when I’m not with a tree, and I can’t.  It only happens when I intentionally connect with a [...]


Tips from the Trees #75 Purge! Purge what you don’t want/need in your life.  Simplify and organize your space in preparation for the winter to come. Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  The trees remind us of the change in seasons as they close their shudders preparing for winter.  As days get [...]