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Leaves are falling at 10,000′ outside of Santa Fe on a hike with friends.

I recently wrote about my challenge of not falling back into the same old trap again – of thinking I’ll have to settle down again and get back to reality.  Well, a lot has happened within while attending school at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA).

One of my fears in settling down again was the feeling of being trapped.  The need for the sense of freedom has been a theme in my life.  When I was in Park City and really felt into the inner voice telling me I am here in this life to do something else, I started to feel very trapped.  In order to keep my house, I had to have a high-paying job like the one I was in.  In the beginning, a way out was not obvious and it was very scary.  The thought of giving up a six-figure salary, pension, free health insurance, and other fringe benefits like free skiing was extremely scary.  Then I started to refer to all of that as the “golden handcuffs”.  All of the seemingly great things about my job were keeping me bound in a life I wanted to change, and I felt very trapped.  Over time, the need for freedom out-weighed the fear of giving up what I had.  The idea of no mortgage gave me such a sense of relief just thinking about it that the idea of selling my house became much easier.

Fast-forwarding to now, I have had a breakthrough on my association with “settling down” and the feeling of being trapped.  We did some exercises on reversing poverty consciousness.  We were reversing our negative beliefs that we had written in a previous exercise, so we were finishing stem sentences with a positive belief.  The stem, “I decide that I am now becoming financially independent; therefore I can now…”, I completed it with, “plant roots knowing I have the freedom to travel when I desire.”  We had to share our answers to the stems with a buddy.  When I read that sentence out loud, I instantly got choked up.  I was completely surprised at my emotional reaction.  Then I thought about it and the clarity came.  By choosing a home base again doesn’t mean I’m choosing to risk entrapment or that I’m failing on this journey of recreating my life.  I never have to feel trapped again, for it is only a perspective anyway.  I merely need to face my fears head-on the next time I feel my sense of freedom is threatened, and know I have the ability to improve my life situation when needed.

The powerful impact this one sentence had on me may not make sense to others.  We all have our limiting beliefs in some fashion.  This is merely an illustration of one of mine.

On another day last week, the Director of HAA, Tim, was fed up with some students coming late to class on a regular basis.  In his frustration, he gave an emotional speech that caused another major shift within me.  He told stories of the miracles he has been a part of with this work.  I will share the one that impacted me most deeply.

A man called Tim asking for sessions for his wife who had terminal cancer and it was estimated she had a month left.  They wanted sessions to ease her nausea caused by the chemo so that she could eat and have some more comfort until she passed.  They came in for a couple of sessions, she was able to eat, and started gaining weight.  Then the husband called and said they could no longer afford sessions as all of their resources had been tapped by the chemo treatments.  Tim offered the sessions for free (his rate is $250/session).  Then school was starting, so Tim could only offer Saturdays for sessions.  He told the husband this, and the husband said they had already taken $1000 worth of sessions for free and couldn’t take more charity.  He never heard from them again.  A year later, he was shopping in Santa Fe when a woman approached and introduced herself because Tim didn’t recognize her.  It was the same woman.  She was now cancer free and healthy!  Tim was quite emotional telling this story and so were most of us in the audience.  The powerful example made me realize that my aversion to cold weather might just weaken if I was a part of truly making a difference in people’s lives and potentially even helping someone to save their own life.  With hypnotherapy, the therapist is teaching the client to empower themselves, to clear the way to their own healing intelligence, the one we all have.

Given these shifts within me, I have made the decision to return to my hometown, Butte, MT.  When I have completed the HAA program, have found a place to live, and weather allows, I will make the journey north towards the next big chapter of my new life.  I did fall in love with Butte, Wise River, and the surrounding region all over again during my stay this summer.  I have such a wonderful, supportive community there, and a lot of opportunity to open and grow my successful hypnotherapy practice!  I can rationalize the decision all I want, but the truth is I feel called to go to Butte.  Various experiences with people there this summer and my own feelings have been pointing my compass north, but I needed to overcome these blocks I discussed to be able to follow what I have known.  Going home is my next move.