Hello there! My name is Kathy Lundborg.

I am thrilled you are here!

Being awakened through pain isn’t easy! However, it can be the greatest reward of your life.

A long time ago, my life was gut-punched by a devastating divorce. Within a short time, my whole life crumbled along with the typical dreams of a once-happy married couple.

But I don’t want to focus my story there. It simply marks the awakening of the real me.

Awakening is like a birth and it hurts like hell.

As I was healing from the aftermath of my divorce, my life no longer made sense.  My house in a resort town and all the pretty things in it lost their luster fast. On the outside everything spelled success, but on the inside I was in knots and miserable. I couldn’t explain why I couldn’t be happy. My lucrative career had given me prestige and security, yet now it felt like a trap along with all my stuff. Thankfully, my eyes were opened to a whole new world.

“Consciousness”, “spirituality”, “Soul”, “energy”, and the “power of the mind” were new words and concepts igniting my curiosity and passion in a way I’d never experienced. I learned I was the one creating my reality through my perceptions. As I took inventory of my life from this new perspective, it was clear I was out of place in my life.  I honestly didn’t know who I was or what type of life would fit this new me.

One thing was clear – I had to free myself to create a new life my way, or my newly-awakened Soul would die.

The urging from my gut to recreate my life finally became so strong I knew it was the only path for me. The courage to act gained momentum and I finally did it. I set off to recreate my life my way.

It’s Worth It!

What a journey it’s been! It’s not all roses and bliss, but I am grateful every day for following my inner voice – my Soul. Right now, I am living the life I used to dream about – living in my RV following the birds. Summers are spent north in Montana and winters are spent in the desert southwest.

My life is about exploring the nature of reality primarily through nature and specifically, trees.  I’m discovering, trusting, and following the breadcrumbs and guidance from my Soul.  I feel like I’m constantly evolving and so is my life.

Most importantly, I am the happiest and most content I’ve ever been.

My dog, Daisy, and I spend our time in nature exploring, having adventures, and sharing what we see and experience through photography, story, inspired action and helping awakening Souls create an authentic life.

Biggest lessons of my journey:

Life is like taking an adventure on a spiral staircase. The adventure is full of growth, love, loss, joy, and pain, but as you move up the spiral, the experiences become richer and you see them from a higher perspective.  Learning and growth never ends.

Life is about happily exploring the spiral to reach your full potential – the potential of your Soul.  It’s not about, “When I get there, then I’ll be happier”.

Destiny is allowing your Soul to guide your life.

Once your Soul awakens you, there’s no turning away or saying “No”.  You will only delay your destiny if you fight it.  Aligning with Soul is aligning with destiny.

The world needs us all to reach into our hearts and connect with our Souls.  Globally, we are experiencing a multitude of turning points. Embrace your Soul and destiny to help guide the collective to a better place.  I’d love to help you get on your way!

In addition to 500 hours of classroom training in clinical hypnotherapy, I have received training in Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Shamanic Healing, and Soulcraft, a nature-based, soul-oriented program. EFT (tapping) is something I teach many of my clients. I have visited other parts of the world to experience healing from ancient wisdom cultures. My studies into the ancient wisdom traditions and new sciences (i.e., quantum physics) are continuing as I pursue my PhD in Wisdom Studies.