Hello there! My name is Kathy Lundborg.

I am thrilled you are here!

Are you great at helping and serving others, and yet you suck at taking care of yourself and honoring your truth?

Family, friends, clients, and your work need you.  Failure at anything you do is unacceptable.  You must put your all into everything you do, and yet you still doubt the value of your help or performance.  Personal growth is important to you, but as you grow outside of your comfort zone, self-doubt really kicks in.  If you are like most healers** and helpers, you don’t make the time or space for truly caring for yourself.  And because you’ve given so much of yourself, you may be at your own breaking point – frustrated, exhausted, stuck, lost, in chaos, and feeling guilty for taking time out for yourself. 

You might wonder why I know this.  Because once upon a time I also ignored my true needs and my truth.  Before I was in the healing arts, I put my all into my marriage and my demanding career as a “successful” engineer.  I believed failure in my job was not an option, the organization needed me to be invincible, and I had to be an all-knowing problem solver.  I believed I had to be everything to my husband and visa versa.   

In the end, I hit rock bottom from ignoring my needs and losing myself.  However, my soul had enough of being ignored, and I had my awakening experience!  Since then, I have completely recreated my life focused on the pursuit of my truth and caring for my soul, and the change is all for the better.  

Living my life boldly, armed with my passions – helping others care for their soul and discover and honor their truth – has brought me to a place I never could have predicted – one of happiness, peace, contentment and a sense of absolute freedom!     

**Healers is an all-encompassing term for people who elevate the people, situations, and environments around them. Some do this as professional practitioners – therapists, coaches, health practitioners, etc. –  and many serve as healers through other means – mom, spouse, friend, caregiver, etc.

My Wake-Up Call

pc-obama-day1In my former life, I was a “successful” engineer working in a high-profile management position in a prestigious and beautiful resort town.  Without realizing it, I was basing my choices on what I thought my family, friends, colleagues, and society would deem as “right”.   Yes, the dreaded should’s and supposed-to’s were ruling my life, and I didn’t even know it!  I was creating a life and myself based on what I thought others needed me to be.  And I was miserable, overwhelmed, and completely stressed-out.

My now ex-husband wanted a girl that could keep up with his extreme mountain biking and skiing.  Therefore, I pushed myself way beyond my limits to try to meet his needs, and I wasn’t having any fun.  Having the best of the best to show off to friends and family was at the top of his list, so I worked myself to death to keep up with his expectations.  I didn’t talk to him about how I was feeling because I felt like I would be letting him down in some way.

Even though I was all that for him, it didn’t stop an abrupt and devastating divorce.  Talk about a wake-up call!  I had been completely uprooted, and my downward spiral began.  I was in complete shock because “divorce” wasn’t even a part of my vocabulary.  Add in double betrayal, and I was an emotional wreck and my self-esteem was in the toilet.

As part of the divorce, I had to let go of many of my friends. We shared friends, and this no longer worked.  It was like getting punched in the gut every time I heard about my friends hanging out with him and my former friend, his now out-in-the-open girlfriend.

Alone and feeling very lost, my next challenge was financial.  The mortgage was now all mine, and I had to make it on half the income.  My home was at risk and I knew options were few in the resort town market.  The material things weighing me down lacked luster.  I felt trapped.  I had been awakened in this life, and found I was a complete stranger to myself.  I was re-evaluating everything in my life.

josieMy pets were the bright part of my life, and I got to keep all four of our fur babies, two aging cats and two dogs.  I think my misery and stress impacted their health.  The cats’ health failed first and they both passed within a few months of each other.  Then one of my beloved dogs died of heart disease.  I was praying that my last pet, my Australian Shepherd, Josie, would not be taken as well.  Two weeks after my first dog died, Josie was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Am I sounding like a bad country western song?!  Well, it’s all true and it was all too much for me.  As I continued to be all that in my job, the stress and the realization I was living a life that was not true to me was overwhelming.  Then I had an emotional meltdown at work with my boss.  It was not my finest moment.  I felt completely out of control of my emotions and I hated it.

I was pissed off and in total chaos inside.  I knew I could not go on this way.  Something had to give.  My soul was making sure I didn’t go back to sleep.  I finally had to admit I couldn’t get out of this by myself and it was time to look for help.

The Turning Point

I did talk therapy, and it opened my eyes to a lot of things about my myself.  More great breakthroughs occurred when I added nature-based work and life coaches.  Exploring my truth and my soul became my new focal point.  The alternative modalities really grabbed my interest and propelled me into my subconscious depths.  

burning-man-umbrella-1I discovered a fact that completely changed my life –  I am the one creating my reality!

I had believed the stories in my mind about who I needed me to be and what was “right”.  Through my thoughts, subconscious programs, habits, choices, and ambition, I had created this empty, financially heavy reality supported by outward success in my engineering career.  And it was all because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do and be.  

I was so mad!!  Being so asleep in my life, I saw that I unwittingly followed what I saw as a normal way of living loaded with all of the should’s and supposed-to’s, and regretfully had lost myself in the process.  I had not only ignored my needs, I had never really examined what my true needs were.

This life was not really what I wanted!  There had to be more to life than the way I was living.  I decided I needed a complete do-over.  If I am the one creating my reality, this time I was going to create a more soulful life based on my truth.  I was opening to the language of my soul.

Life Re-Created

You too probably feel like you really want a way to get your needs met and honor your truth.  In my life, I took it to the extreme with a fresh start because it’s what I needed.  If you get to know me better, I’ll tell you all about it!  The important thing is where my fresh start got me – to peace, happiness, contentment, and a sense of absolute freedom living my life my way – caring for my soul.

cdt-hikeMy freedom of schedule allows plenty of time for the activities I love the most – exploring and having adventures in nature.  And, I live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Montana.

Today, I help healers, helpers, caregivers, and light workers care for their souls and honor their truth using my own methods of combining the powerful tools of the mind and nature.  My methods are informed from my training and experience with Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Nature Therapy, Coaching, Energy Healing, non-ordinary states of reality, etc.  

Through all of my experiences, schooling, and training, I have fallen in love with the human spirit.  We are amazing creatures! We can be full of pain, beating ourselves within, and yet we can show up with a smile on our face, get the job done, and care for others.  How amazing is that?!

It’s Your Turn!

Through our highly-developed skills as healers and helpers we know how to serve and achieve.  We can do anything.  On the outside, we’re rockstars, perhaps the best at our craft.  But on the inside, it’s a whole different story.

Now is the time to accept the challenge of truly caring for yourself and honoring your truth!  Use fear as an informant, not a driver.  Replace self-doubt with self-compassion.  Expand your comfort zones.  Expand your consciousness.  Make Love and Faith your best friends.  Trust yourself at the deepest level.  Hear your inner guidance with new clarity so you can honor your truth and experience absolute freedom.  

It’s an amazing and fun ride and you get to learn with nature as your greatest ally.  

Join with me and the growing tribe of healers and helpers who are creatively living true to ourselves and with conscious awareness of caring for our souls.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  

Together, let’s take care of our souls so we can make this world an even better place!

~ Kathy