The traditional definition of destiny is: a state or end that has been decided beforehand.  Destiny suggests something that has been ordered in advance.

Are our lives predestined?

Before answering, consider this:

What if Destiny really equates to knowing thyself?

What if the path to knowing thyself is the path of destiny?

This definition of destiny does not indicate a state or end, it suggests movement.  It is suggesting a journey.

When something in life wakes us up and causes us to start questioning everything, we get curious.  We start asking the big questions like, “Why are we here?  Why am I here?  What is the point of life?”

So what if the answers to all of these questions are revealed by opening to your path of destiny to know the true you?

From my experience, I believe this is the case.  Embark on a truth-seeking mission, open yourself to the clues, signs, and breadcrumbs, and you will be taken on the most amazing journey of your life.  What do you get from this?  Answers, heightened curiosity and zest for life, more peace, and best of all, you!

I’m in no way implying this is easy, but it is simpler than what you might expect.

You don’t have to be a spiritual guru or mystic.  You simply have to desire to know your deepest truths.  For me it became an undeniable longing and need to discover who I really am.

I’m an average person with a passion for exploring the mystery of life.  The passion alone has propelled me through an incredible journey of positive transformation.  I’m by no means done.  I don’t think we’re ever done.  I’m just way better at pathfinding, and I’ve developed a strong trust in life itself.  And I am more comfortable with uncertainty than I have ever been.

Why should we care about destiny or asking the big questions?

First of all, the world needs us to care. 

We live in a time of constant change, uncertainty, and great opportunity for transformation.  I don’t need to list all of the reasons the world needs us to care.  You already know.  And when your deepest, truest Self – your Soul – decides it’s time for you to care, you’ll know it.  Then these inquiries gain momentum within you.  Ignore the impulses, and your body or another circumstance will present with a bigger wake up call.  It’s then time for you to embark on your journey.

Secondly, it’s time.

It’s as simple as that.  We all have a mission encoded within ourselves.  Your natural way of being in the world is exactly what the world needs.  Deny yourself from getting on your path of destiny and you deny the world.  It is time for all of us to compassionately embrace who we are, flaws and all.  Imagine what we can do together when we release the facades, open our heart and Soul, and just be ourselves!  And in so doing, it is easy to accept others and allow everyone else to simply be.  Ahhh…that would be so much easier, calmer, and happier!

These are the concepts we’ll be diving into in the Soul Care Journey, Nature’s Way program.  I am truly looking forward to taking the journey with those that feel the calling.  We are going to have fun exploring the mysteries of life and gaining pathfinding skills.  It all begins April 16th!  Click on the Learn More button to learn more and sign up!

If you have questions, please let me know!  I’d love to hear from you!

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